The Honeymoon’s Over

When I first got my GPS I was in love. He was so reliable and I could trust him to get me anywhere. He had me at “right turn ahead”.


Now he is an asshole and lies and gets me lost daily.

“Right turn ahead”

Then when I get there he tells me there is a roadblock when there isn’t.

Today he had me drive over 5 km out of the way to get to an address that was less than 2 blocks away.

And then he does this…

“Turn lef..”

“Turn right, turn left”

“Turn around when possible.”

Anyway..I no longer love my GPS. I tolerate him. And if the TomTom people would spend more time on fixing the bugs and less time on the special voices (Homer Simpson, Bugs Bunny, Burt Reynolds and Darth Vader can be the guide voice) I think we would all be better off.

And this.  You all likely know that I love geneology but today it started getting weird. I am have a fifth cousin, 3 times removed that was a Mormon. She was wife number 2. The husband was apparently good buddies with Brigham Young. “They set out to to purchase a tract of land with a view of colonizing it as a Stake of Zion…”  His death notice went on to sing his praises as a plantation owner. I have heard that we all have slave owners in our family and I just found my first one. Nope. Won’t be looking any further into these people. Did you know that the Mormon’s baptize by proxy? They do. (This is one of the reasons the are really into geneology.) If you are a heathen and die without being baptized a Mormon in good standing can get it done in your place! No matter if you are Jewish or Hindu or whatever.  It is your free ticket into heaven! Nope. Nope. Nope.

12 thoughts on “The Honeymoon’s Over

  1. We love messing with our GPS and forcing her to say (in a very resigned voice) recalculating route. She has been lying to us too. Rather a lot.]
    Baptism by proxy? Oh dear.

  2. Baptizing by proxy is the main reason that I don’t want to use their web site. Ancestry dot com. That one. The big one. I think the whole idea is creepy and weird and that whole religion is bizarre.

  3. Garmin GPS’s seem to be the best ones. The one in my car and in our truck? They totally suck. Sometimes you just have to use your senses because technology just sucks! Lol
    Nothing like finding s few nuts on the family tree eh?

  4. Hmmmm, baptism by proxy. I wonder if that is the same person that came up with their magic underwear. Oh Boy! Just sayin.

  5. I knew about the Mormons baptizing by proxy. I once got into a deep discussion with a Mormon “elder” who really wasn’t an elder at all, at least in age, as I am old enough to be his mother. I told him that you cannot baptize yourself on behalf of someone else, living or dead, and that it has to be a personal decision.

  6. Kinda like kidnapping the dead, eh? Well, as close as you can get to it without desecrating a grave. Sounds like you could have an interesting episode of that family tree/roots TV show!

    I know Mormons have a bad rap but most everything creepy about them someone else did first and they just picked it up and ran with it (we mustn’t forget all the other ridiculous religious ideas out there), and did it pretty successfully it would seem. Though taking the uniforms idea right down to the undies… I feel violated sitting here in my Hanes, but I gotta hand it to them, a special undies market? Getting people to wear special undies? That level of infiltration and control and investment… *slow claps*

    I am not and never have been fans of GPS thingamabobs… I write my directions down on a 3×5 and wing it if I dont find it first try, very rarely I will pull over and whip up a Google maps query if I need it but hate the voiced directions thingies.

    Did I mention my hubby works in traffic analysis and those horrible GPS thingamabobs and voice over directions are part of his bread and butter? Unlikely I will ever escape them completely….

    *grumble grumble*

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