Should I Stay or Should I Go

I’m in the exact same place as I was last week sitting in a hotspot with a break between clients.  I was debating between staying where the hotspot is or moving to where it is quiet. Construction workers are digging up pavement. It is loud.


Fuck. I could be sitting quietly but instead I am recording gawdawful noises for a blog post.

Anyway, I am all excited because I got a new magazine. Look!

Eeeeeeeeeee!  I LOVE anything Lucy!

     Off to work.

7 thoughts on “Should I Stay or Should I Go

  1. They were a cute couple and she was a powerhouse…She certainly gave his machismo a run for its money. Glad you’re feeling better today.

  2. Hi Birdie,

    I hope you are having a nice evening. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for an HSP book. I’ve read one, which was kind of basic and was wondering if there were any you found helpful. Thanks.

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