Birdie Lay There Like a Slug

randy This is me today. I hurt my back at work tripping over clutter. (Aside – It never ceases to amaze me how people live. I was at work last week and asked the client where her garbage can was. Her answer. “I don’t have one”. There are bathrooms that make the grossest gas station look clean. Some are so bad that I have to carry hospital grade disinfectant wipes that kill pretty much any virus or bacteria known to man. These are not like the ones they you can buy at the grocery store. They are used in operating rooms. Yes, that is how unbelievably gross some people keep their homes.)  Anyway, I tripped over some newspapers and as I tried to right myself I hurt my back. It isn’t anything serious but it is enough pain to make me not want to move. And I am also spent from working extra hours at work. My hope is that I will get used to the longer days. If not I will go back to my regular schedule when the weather changes.

Today was just a day. I say that I am laying around like a slug but in reality the last two days have been so busy. Just day off kind of stuff but all I want to do is sleep. At any rate, all the house work is done and they yard is weed free. That will last about 2 hours and then they will grow back.

It is about 10 degrees cooler today but it still hasn’t rained. Norbert just yawned. How can he possibly be tired? You know what would be interesting? Keeping a cat awake. They do it do us and it would be interesting to see how long you could keep a cat awake. It would have to be a team effort. My guess is a cat could be kept awake for about 30 minutes until it gets enraged and bites.  Speaking of biting, Norbert just walked up and bit Sheldon (our other cat) for no reason. Sheldon is so old that he barely moves unless he wants Temptations so Norbert is just being an asshole.

OK, it is time to think about dinner.  meh. If I ever win the lottery that I don’t buy tickets for I am going to hire a cook.

12 thoughts on “Birdie Lay There Like a Slug

  1. eww yucky bathrooms are the worst.. feel better soon- backaches are awful…

    oh my you made Norbett mad thinking about keeping him awake so he bit Sheldon 🙂 dontcha know cats can hear our thoughts?? lol lol

  2. LOL re keeping our little feline friends awake–did Sheldon at least swat Norbert?
    I’m sorry about your back and you’re right…I’ve been in some homes that make garbage cans look appealing. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I think I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder from stress. I am not kidding you.
    Some days…
    At least the only dirty bathrooms I have to deal with are my own and they aren’t THAT bad. Norbert…what an ungrateful bastard.

  4. Love the Christmas Story reference! Hope you feel better soon, sucks to tweak your back period let alone one someone else’s mess-what the heck??? I just imagined Linus mess animation around your messy clients :p Helped with the gross out factor a bit!

  5. Oh Birdie.
    Look after yourself. Doing housework and gardening after you have hurt your back doesn’t qualify.
    And Jazz doesn’t give me thirty minutes before he fangs me if I have the audacity to try and keep him awake…

  6. If I could post a picture it would be of a baby saying “That’s just EEEWWwww”. I hate dirty bathrooms. Speaking of gas station bathrooms, there was one on the state line side of Louisiana. It had nothing but a tin can in it. NASTY! I waited til we got to Texas and there was a gas station, we stopped and the bathroom was the cleanest I’ve ever seen anywhere.
    Hope you get your back checked. Back accidents are no laughing matter, neither is the pain.

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