A Bit of This and That

I keep wanting to post about a bunch of different things but it seems like so much work.  I am hoping that everyone who loves Orange is the New Black has watched all the episodes. I actually cried several times during the third season. (Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen all the episodes.)  When Nicky got busted for drugs and ended up going to maximum security I cried. That was one hell of a scene. And the music? It was this song.

I mean, wow. Fucking spectacular. I suppose the F-bomb is not is really needed but well,  it is. Such a great song and video too I might add. Does anyone else relate to the video? I do.

Then when Sophia got beat up? OMG. Another great song was payed when the guards too her to the SHU.

I also cried when Soso tried to kill herself but Poussey found her. And when Cindy converted and was baptized Jewish. More tears when Lorna got married. I could barely watch when Pennsatucky got raped.

I have a question about the last scene when all the women were swimming in the lake. Do you think they were let out so all the new prisoners could be let in?

And what is going to happen to Alex? Are they going to kill her off? To be honest the character of Piper has always annoyed me. Now I actually hate her.

Now for our regular scheduled program for all of those who don’t watch OITNB (but should).

Actually, that is all I have. It is time for bed.

6 thoughts on “A Bit of This and That

  1. We just finished watching the 3rd season last weekend. It was a great year! It didn’t occur to me that they might have deliberately let the women go to the lake at the end so they could bring in all the new inmates without incident. But I DID wonder why they had to remove two huge sections of fence just to repair a relatively small breach in the wire. I can’t see them killing off Alex because she’s too popular a character — unless the actress who plays who wants off the series to do other things.

  2. Pretty sure they didn’t let them out on purpose, but that last scene made me cry because they were all just so ALIVE and free.
    I just love that show. It’s so raw and so real and so sad.

  3. I have wondered about that show but just reading this post I am now absolutely assured that it would be too much for me! Glad you enjoy it though 🙂

  4. I haven’t watched Orange is the New Black yet. I probably check it out on Netflix or Amazon at some point. One or the other carries all of the episodes.

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