Work Break

I have a little break between patients so what better to do then blog. Actually, I am doing a Buddify meditation. It is a specific meditation for being online. It is talking about how we can connect to millions of people and yet so many of us, myself included, often feel lonely. I don’t feel lonely often, mostly when I am in a depression funk or anxious but there are days when it seems even more lonely because there is a whole world out there.  Anyway, it is a beautiful day here. Not too hot at the moment. A wonderful breeze. I don’t mind working on days like this.  In a day or two I am going to do a book review on this book.  One of the better books I have read this year. She is a Canadian author and this is her first book.   

Ok. Work break over.  May you be well. May you be happy.

13 thoughts on “Work Break

  1. Because of the Internet I got to meet you and many other wonderfuls. Thanks for being there and sharing your stories with us.

  2. “A Coming of Middle Age Story” funny! Glad you got to do your meditation, I’m gonna be getting Buddhify whenever I manage to input payment info (I have never bought an app before!) and that lonely internet one sounds good 🙂

  3. May you be well and happy. That sounds a good idea to use the app on breaks. I am using 21 days meditation by Deepak Chopra at the moment but end up doing it at night in bed and fall asleep almost straight away! Waking up when the bell rings at the end of the meditation. It’s all about gratitude and grace. Might look at your recommended app when I’ve completed my 21 days of this one. That looks an interesting read. Look forward to your review.

  4. I can’t wait to hear about the book! (I’m looking for a book club pick for this year.)

  5. I am trying to comment on your post and I’m having a terrible time. Since my absence something has changed on the WordPress people and I can’t post. Hope this one will go through

  6. I like the cover on that book. Clever and retro. I used to feel lonely occasionally when I was younger, but I’m very content to be alone now. It changed about ten years ago. It was interesting to me how a extrovert could change into such an introvert, or at least enjoy solitary time.

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