Not That I Wasn’t Working Enough

I got it into my head that I should keep working my regular posting but add on casual hours. Bad idea. I have only been doing it for four days and already I am pummeled. I saw ten different people today. Ten people in 7 hours. (I am a home support worker if you are a new reader.)  It isn’t that I want to work more hours but I need to start paying off my line of credit. I mean, who wants to work more? Looking back on the day I don’t think I could tell you what I did but I know I didn’t sit down except in my car between patients.

Well,  I wrote that yesterday and today I am not at work because I have my period and I am still wanting a hysterectomy.  Do you know what happened? My doctor’s office sent a referral to my gynecologist and I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a call. Today I gave up and called the gynecologist and she isn’t even working right now. She is on maternity leave! So now I have to get another referral and wait for god-knows-how-long!

IMG_0554Lat night I discovered a cool app that lets me catalog all my books. All I have to do is scan the ISBN and the books pops up and I can save it. The scan doesn’t always work but I can enter the ISBN manually.

Cool, eh?




And this was not cooFullSizeRenderl but weird. Yesterday at work my co-worker and I looked out the window and saw this unusual bird. It must have hit the window because I thoroughly examined her, and she was not only merely dead, she was really most sincerely dead. I took this picture through the window because I was a little afraid it would come alive and peck my eyes out. It was so unusual the way she laid down to die. And if you are thinking it is fake you can see a fly on one of the bricks that was about to have a feast. Eww!

We put a bed up for free on Craigslist and now we are waiting to see it the person actually shows up. Does this ever happen to anyone else? You try to give away/sell something and the interested party doesn’t show up?

5 thoughts on “Not That I Wasn’t Working Enough

  1. Don’t work yourself to death or what point is there in paying off your line of credit? If you can find a balance of working the odd extra bit here and there and it’s not too much for you then go for it.
    When you are selling or giving away stuff it’s pretty common for people to not follow through and never show up. I’ve also heard that charging a small amount for items means the people are more likely to show up than if the item is free. At least that’s what many of the people on this online local buy and sell group I’m on say. So if your person is a now show try selling it for $5-10 and see if that works for you.
    Poor bird probably broke it’s neck bashing into the window. My parents have a few bird casualties every year even though they’ve tried everything to keep the birds from hitting the windows.

  2. People on craigslist are notoriously flakes. It drives me crazy. I mean, how hard is it to say, “I can’t make it?”

    Rest up. Sorry about the ridiculous medical “who’s on first?” Why is that so typical?

  3. Birdie, sweetie, you have to take care of yourself because no one else will. I know that to be true. That bird looks like a Blue Jay. The coloring is muted, but it could be from the window reflection.

  4. Hmmm, I believe it’s a belted kingfisher, one of my favorite local birds that hangs around the lake. Can’t tell from the picture but they usually have a purty big beak, but the crest and spots on the wings look right.

    Totally have had the same Craigslist waiting tension, haven’t had anyone not show up but I think the hubbo has. I think it’s the nature of the internet, almost inherently noncommittal!

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