Sleep, Rain and Meditation 

I was worried after my nap yesterday that I would not sleep but I went to bed and slept for 9 hours. I feel clear and rested today.

It is raining here. Blessed rain. It is so nice! I wish I could lay naked in it.

I just completed 99 days of meditation. If you are new to meditation or even not new I recommend this app called Buddhify. It costs a few dollars but it is the best app I have tried. It has so many different meditations I still haven’t tried them all. There are meditations for waking up, going to sleep, pain, stress and anxiety, work breaks, eating and many more. Go and take a look.

Ok , I  am on a work break but it’s over now.

10 thoughts on “Sleep, Rain and Meditation 

  1. I love meditation, and I find it everything from sitting Indian-style, to jogging, walking and also baking, cooking and of course, writing. Great stuff. Here’s to another 99 days.

  2. Good for you!
    I’m glad it rained. When we drove through the lower mainland last month, we could NOT get over how bloody dry it was! Such a shock! We got a little rain here too, but not tons. It finally cooled down though, so I’m grateful for that.
    I need a nine hour sleep.

  3. Here’s me being obsessive. You leave a reply on my blog, and I go reading a bunch of yours, and I just bought this app. If you had a post selling me some swampland, I’d probably buy it!
    Looking forward to trying the app. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Charles, this little app has brought me more peace and hope than anything I have ever tried. I would be lost without it. I hope that you find some peace tonight. Sending love to you.

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