Armageddon or Zombie Apocoalypse

weatherI (and everyone else on the island I live on) woke up the the sky being sepia. This picture that I did not take but stole borrowed off the weather network shows what it looked like. When I woke up I thought it was my eyes because I can’t see very well in the mornings until I get my eyedrops in. It was not my eyes. It is smoke from all the fires burning because we have had almost no rain now for weeks. Many of these fires were started with cigarettes. I will not go off on my usual kvetch that you are expecting but, fuck! Don’t use the planet as your ashtray. Anyway, the sky looked very creepy. Like a zombie apocalypse was upon us. The sky is still filled with smoke and we had to close up our house. My husband is having an asthma attack.

I just came back inside from a 45 minute break between what I wrote up there and here. We have had those little itty bitty sugar ants. If you have been reading my blog you know I hate to kill things (with the exception of yellow jackets and wasps) and usually prefer to rehome critters. There is no possible way to rehome thousands of sugar ants so I had to bring out the big guns, bleach to wash our deck down. I don’t use any chemical cleaners except bleach to clean after sickness in the house.  Anyway, I am responsible for many, many deaths. (Sorry, Buddha.)  I also killed a yellow jacket while I was out there with the electric bug zapper which makes me happy. (Not sorry, Buddha) Now the deck is clean and free if ants. They come to get the drips from the hummingbird feeder.

I am taking my lieu days from having to work every stat holiday and looking forward to enjoying four whole days off in a row! Yay!

10 thoughts on “Armageddon or Zombie Apocoalypse

  1. Here in Southern MN we’re also getting the effects from the fires. Our skies are super hazy, but not quite sepia colored, though the moon has been bright orange the last couple of nights (Iike the color of a tangerine hanging in the sky!). I’ve been having so many asthma attacks it’s making me miserable.

    As far as the ants, I actually had to give up my hummingbird feeder because of them…little suckers breed like crazy around the sugar feeders.

  2. I’m thankful we missed all the fires on our holidays. Enjoy your well earned time off. I’m back to work in the morning.

  3. That photo is really something. So much damage. What a shame. People are so careless. They probably never find who does these things. I put spiders in the same category as wasps, but they don’t bother my husband. And flies. I don’t care for them either. Do you have flies up there. I bet we have more bugs down here because of the weather. Mosquitos are awful, too.

  4. It smells smoky in Edmonton but is not too thick in the air (at least not yet). But I was just in Manitoba on Canada Day and a few days after and the smoke was super thick, blowing in from all those Saskatchewan fires. On one day in particular, the visibility was down to about a quarter of a mile from the smoke. Crazy! And my throat was sore too from breathing it in.

  5. Whoa! That’s crazy! A sepia landscape!
    I get the sugar ants too. They are a huge nuisance, especially for something so small. While I was gone this past week, they turned a small bag of almonds into sawdust.
    Enjoy your time off!

  6. We have wildfire season in the eastern part of our region every year, and so many of the fires are started by fucking idiots with cigarettes.

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