Are You Kidding Me?

When I first heard that Donald Trump was running for president I laughed. There is no way he would ever get it. He is a fucking asshole and a fucking idiot. Tonight on the news (in B. C, Canada) it said that he was actually leading in some states. Do Americans really want this twat in the White House? Do they really want him running the country for the next 4 years? He is a terrible and horrible human who is racist, narcissistic and appears to be a sociopath. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and he will destroy what is left of America. If he wins I will eat my hat.


The heat wave continues. There were two large fires burning in my community, one from farm equipment and the other from a cigarette butt.

It is time to cook dinner but nobody is in the mood to move.

9 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me?

  1. I really, really hope he doesn’t win. As far as I can see all he brings to the table is money and arrogance.
    Don’t think about him. He is not a cooling topic…

  2. To answer your question, America is full of people like Trump and others who are stupid enough to vote for him. I agree with your opinion of the man but I am probably in the minority. In this country, our politics and institutions bow to the almighty dollar, and he has lots of those, unfortunately. I would move but Canada casts a dim eye at people with disabilities who may want to live there, from what I’ve read. It is hot here, too, so I have been eating cold things. Best to you.

  3. I don’t think the American people are so dumb to elect Trump. I think the only thing people admire about him is his ability to make money.
    And we had another 40C day today. Even though we aren’t supposed to I’m going outside later tonight to hose down my sidewalks and stucco. Our house has little to no insulation and we are dying even with two window a/c units. I’m not sure how much more of this extreme heat I can take.

  4. Trump is in the running because he’s rich and bought himself a campaign, not because Americans are interested in him being president. He’s an asshat who is flaunting his wealth and doesn’t stand a chance at winning. Thank god.

    I love the hot weather…I have AC but never use it. Being hot makes me happy!

  5. Yes, that numbskull is running. I know he won’t win because he’s buying people to vote for him. He has only so much money. He’s so full of himself.
    I will try to send you some rain very soon. Where are y’all located. email me.

  6. You should come visit me! It’s been raining here for weeks but the breaks between are flipping gorgeous! Nice low to mid 20’s, sunshine and zero humidity. It’s coming our way though so you’d better hurry! Xx. Stay cool. 💕

  7. I was talking with a volunteer at work about this, wondering what his diagnosis could be (narcissism comes to mind.) Because he clearly engages in magical thinking!

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