Kvetching Again

It is time to bellyache, fuss. gripe, groan, grouch, grumble, moan, protest, moan. murmur, mutter, nag, snivel, squawk, whine, yammer…

It is too HAWT!

I am a pasty white cold-seeking Canadian. It was almost 34 C today. That is 93 F. The reason I feel oh-so-entitled to this rant is it has been like this for a couple of weeks now without letting up. The I mentioned in a previous post lasted for about 10 minutes and even that was more of a sprinkle. The portable air conditioner only brings the house down to 30, which is better than 34 but after it gets to a certain temperature it doesn’t really matter anymore. But then I start to feel guilty when I hear about people in India that are dying from the heat. *sigh* There is always good old guilt to take you down a peg or two. I will say that since I have been on the the hormoneez that the hot flashes are going away and I am not sweating like a hog. I may look like one but I am not sweating like one.

Ah, what else? Yeah. Pretty much nothing going on.

Oh, oh, oh! The new leader for the local NDP party just came to our door! Had a nice quite lengthy talk. Yes, I am voting NDP because that is how my mama raised me.

11 thoughts on “Kvetching Again

  1. I just looked at your long term forecast. The lowest temperature for the next two weeks is 32C and we are always higher than that. I’m seriously thinking we need to move somewhere cooler.

    • Oops that should say “our long term forecast” not “your”. This heat and lack of sleep is getting to me.

  2. I was broiling down here too, poor Baby couldn’t sleep in his crib for our walk so he ended up sleeping in my arms, sweated to me like baby paper mache… I so cannot wait for fall, or at least a 70 degree (~20 in Canadianese) day. Our portable AC is helping but only in our living room, Baby gets the oscillating fan and me and the hubster are left to swelter in our bedroom. As miserable as it gets I am so grateful that I live in the PNW and don’t have to deal with months and months of this on a regular basis… That said, I’m a PNW slug through and through and this slug is drying out! Bring back the rain! Please, bring back the rain!

  3. Birdie, thankfully the weather here in Montreal has been nice over the last couple of days and it was beautiful and cool, alright, chilly, last night and tonight, with winds, and I love it! I never could take the humidity and extreme heat we can get here in Montreal…and guess what? We are supposed to get it Sunday, I think. Sigh. 😦 Take care of yourself and stay cool, dear friend. Sending you a cool, refreshing hug. 🙂

  4. Heeeey…I’m in Canada too but all we seem to be getting is torrents of rain! It was only 12 degrees this morning. Something is amiss in this weather of ours. :S

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