A Waste of Time

Maybe it is because I almost never sit down to watch a movie. I do watch TV series on Netflix but rarely movies. The last movie I went to in the theater was the third movie in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And before that? I think it was the second in the trilogy. Anyway, today I was hot and had been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I decided to watch Gone Girl on Netflix. The woman’s voice stated scratching at my nerves in the first 10 minutes. I was curious but not immersed so I paused it and got up several times to clean the bathroom, hang laundry on the line, make dinner* etc. I came back after dinner and sat down to watch the rest. I could not do it. What a horrible movie. Making a sociopath (or was she a psychopath?) look glamorous. You love to hate her. I know a sociopath. She is anything but glamorous. She makes our lives miserable and she is scary. Sociopath in my own life not withstanding, I found the movie way too fucking long. Just let it end already.

So I forwarded it to the end and watched the last 10 minutes. And the ending was just stupid. Apologies to all those that loved it.

I got my hair cut today and I was about 8 pounds lighter when I left. And my daughter opened her first bank account. (You know a kvetch is coming, don’t you?) Ok, bank people, she is 17 and opening a bank account. She is not applying for a mortgage or donating a fucking kidney. Why does it take so long to open a damn bank account? First you have to make an appointment to even see the delicate geniuses.** Then you sit through 45 minutes of some guy across a desk putting information into a computer. After her name, address, phone number, e mail and employer what else do you need to know? *sigh*

*That is a lie. I ordered dinner. That too takes work. Not really.

**A cutting comeback to make of those people you must deal with because they have a specialty (medicine, law, etc.) “We mustn’t disturb the delicate genius!”

And if I die tonight the above words will be the last thing that I wrote. I really need to get out more.

10 thoughts on “A Waste of Time

  1. I read Gone Girl and didn’t know which of the major protagonists I disliked more. She was dangerous and he was selfish.
    Couldn’t watch the movie. And will probably never read another of her books.

  2. I’m curious about why you decided on this particular film…Some friends took me to see it for my birthday last year and had I been alone, I’d have probably walked or rolled out as I found none of the characters relatable and all I could think was that there are many people who just should not breed. Good for your daughter for opening her own account.

  3. I’ve heard many bad review for that movie so you aren’t the only one who didn’t like it. I rarely go see movies because to see one is over $10 and I can’t really afford that. I’d much rather keep my money and watch something on Netflix or the computer.
    I remember when my kids opened accounts not too long ago. You are right it took forever and my goodness you would think they would have found ways to simplify it by now. Not to mention all the papers we had to drag home with us.

  4. I rarely if ever go to the movie theater. I don’t watch much TV either. My mother in law is a sociopath…I haven’t spoken to her in years and every Sunday at church she sits in the row behind me. Every. Single. Sunday. I can tell she’s there by the strong smell of sausage on her breath. I get up and move. Every. Single. Sunday. Your “kvetch” made me laugh out loud. I love reading your blog Birdie.

  5. I was going to watch this movie so I’m glad I didn’t!! You want a good movie?! Go see Spies with Melissa McCarthy. Pay the money. It’s piss your pants funny!

  6. I haven’t seen Gone Girl yet so I have no idea. My husband was watching it over the weekend while I was hiding from him. All I could hear from him was “Well GODDAMN!!” Or “OMFG!!” Then he kept saying honey you gotta see this movie. I kept saying in my mind – no I don’t. I also read the reviews for that movie. Some of the things in it are totally stupid, like when she smears her blood all over the floor. PULEEEEZ!!! No one does that to fake a death. The character was a total idiot. Besides I can only tolerate someones voice in a movie telling the story for just so long.
    Oh banks also want to know your complete family history and bowel movements.

  7. Join the very small club of people who read the book and hated it and also saw the movie and hated it even more. I actually listened to the book as I drove around Los Angeles, and I just couldn’t get over what a hateful group of people it was about. I still, to this day, do not understand why it made such a big splash here.

  8. Not seen that movie. Last weekend I think it was we watched two movies…..Selma and an oldie and favourite of mine Philadelphia(I always cry and thought I wouldn’t this time but all of a sudden I was sobbing). Both fabulous and moving.im curious as to Gone girl now. Want to see if I dislike the characters too – being a bit Pollyanna like! Lol

    I’d love to be able to write like you Birdie about my irritations. I’m not often irritated and then again always irritated. Maybe I should write more about that. Love your blog and miss reading when I have no time. You always make me think.

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