11 thoughts on “My View Right Now

    • That is Sheldon, my husband’s cat. He is turning 20 this year. He has arthritis now and doesn’t get to go into the garden unless we carry him. He is a good cat. He loves everybody. 🙂
      Norbert is inside right now after trying all afternoon to get outside!

  1. Awww he looks so happy. We have a 14 year old orange cat and we don’t let her out unless we go out with her. She can’t jump like she used to so we worry she won’t be able to protect herself. How’s the heat on the island Birdie? It’s 44C here today.

  2. Lovely shot of the little fairy door and Sheldon looking cute as a button. I like the ground level view! Just catching up with your blog dear Birdie after a gap in my blog visiting. Good to see you got your results and things are okish for now. Sorry to hear your hubby and you are having some wobbles and hate to hear of him criticising you. I get what you say though about seeing this in perspective….as long as you are sure! Hope your daughter finds something to suit her. Hope to be back posting and commenting soon. Just very busy and rather tired. Xx

  3. I thought maybe you’d fallen and couldn’t get up! I didn’t even see the cat til I read the comments! Ha!

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