He Did it AGAIN

Living with Norbert 003 (2) Living with Norbert 003 (2)Living with Norbert 003 (2)

Remember on my old blog that I said that Norbert, The Ungrateful Bastard, cloned himself? He bloody well did it again. I am not kidding. Last night my husband looked out the window and there were two more grey tabbies sitting in the driveway. The must have just finished cloning because they were sitting so close they were touching. So now Norbert can be an inside cat, an outside cat and a somewhere else at the same time cat.  And it makes me fear for my life.

16 thoughts on “He Did it AGAIN

  1. Thanks for your nice comments today. I hate to ask an obvious question but why isn’t Norbert neutered?

    • He is neutered. I got him from a rescue and he came to me that way and I would never, ever own a pet and not get it fixed. The cloning himself was a joke because cats that look just like him turn up. It is really weird. Once I chased a cat down the street only to find out it wasn’t even Norbert. Another time there was one in our yard that I yelled at because he was outside. Norbert is an inside cat but occasionally makes an escape attempt. The cloning thing started because he is a nasty cat that hates everyone. I think he might be the devil. 😉

  2. okay…glad to know…Now you know whose cat gets her up at 4 AM…If you have any HSP reading recs for me, I’d enjoy them. Thanks. Let me know how your ice cream turns out.

  3. Haha! When the numbers of clones reach 20 start wearing doc training bite suits when you go to the car.

    Lol – I’ve never told you but I had a female version of Norbert once. Her name was Riley and after 5 years of desperately trying to escape out house she managed it, gave a wave and was gone. She used to bite my nose while I slept. Glad they didn’t get together, Riley and Norbert. 😜

  4. “Norbert can be an inside cat, an outside cat and a somewhere else at the same time cat.”

    And then to think they have 9 lives… where do you think he spends the extra 6???

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