I Have Trouble With Titles

Yesterday our neighbour invited me to come with her to stay overnight at her summer cabin. It was nice to get away. It was so quiet and peaceful. Coming home is nice but I could have used a few more days. Or weeks.

I came home to a deep freeze that come unplugged and all but a couple of packages of bacon and some bread that had to be thrown out. I have to go get some large compost bags to throw it into our food waste green bin that will get picked up on Monday. Can’t cry over spilled milk, I guess. I can be pissed off though.

My daughter was out looking for a summer job today and has an interview tomorrow. I am really hoping she doesn’t go down the same path as my son and not want to work.

I am still feeling blue-gray. Mostly just really tired from sleeping not sleeping on a hide-a-bed last night but also my mood is not good. Maybe a good night’s sleep with help.

OK, I have to go to the grocery store and buy something for dinner.


The amount of meat I threw out will not all fit in the large green bin.

Addendum – Well, I got to the grocery store and came home and threw out three huge bags of rotting meat. Afterwards I stunk like rotten meat. It won’t be picked up for kitchen waste until Monday so have thrown it all in a big black garbage back to refreeze so it doesn’t rot further.

10 thoughts on “I Have Trouble With Titles

  1. Sorry you came home to a problem. Glad you were able to get away for a brief time…I wish I could do that. I hope you can get some rest.

  2. aww honey- feel better soon… I”m wishin it for ya.. gotta be more to life than feeling crappy all the dang time. do at least 1 thing that makes you feel joy , everyday. You deserve it..
    think of you a lot.

  3. Came unplugged? Rotting meat? What kind of sick poltergeist ya got in that house!? YUCKY! Hope you get better sleep tonight 🙂

  4. Why is it that only the Mother noticed the shit hitting the fan?! It’s the same damn thing in my house!
    Crack that whip on those kids (not literally! LOL) but tell them they’ll each have a chore list a mile long if they aren’t working this summer. Tedious jobs like picking dandelions, rubbing mama’s feet, etc.
    And yes, what Sonny said.

  5. That happened to My Rare One a few years ago. She unplugged the freezer “just for a few minutes” while some reno work required it and then forgot to plug it back in. She discovered the error a week later. Holy Christ, the smell when that freezer lid was opened!!! She had to buy some special ozone cleanser stuff to get the stench out of the freezer unit.

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