Whilst I Moan and Complain (Again)

This blog is pretty much a bitch and complain blog about First World Problems but I have to pipe up. (Again.) It is 30 fucking degrees in our house right now. That is 86 in American. I live in the west coast and we haven’t seen temperatures like this in years. Most people that live in this part of the world do not have air conditioning because no home builder would have seen it as a good way to spend money and even if he (or she) did it would only be used for maybe 6 weeks a year and even then there would be days in between of not needing it at all. Until now. Call it global warming (I do). It is so hot! I do have a portable air conditioner that I bought when I was working nights because it was so hot trying to sleep in the day but it only cools up to 400 feet which actually means about 100. I was so desperate that I carried it up the back steps by myself because my husband is out and I am DYING. Actually, that is a lie. There are about 12 steps and I got to the 9th and I called my daughter, praying she would hear me. Bad idea carrying an air conditioner up the stairs by myself. She did hear me, thank god, and came to my rescue and helped me carry it up the last few steps.

In answer to what kind of car I have. (Yesterday’s post.)  It is a 1997 Toyota Corolla and it is, according to Consumer Reports, one of the best cars ever made. And it is! Yes, it is old but it is reliable and it rarely breaks down and when it does repairs are minimal. I take good care of it. Oil changes and whatever my trusty mechanic says I need. And he is trustworthy. He is actually semi-retired and works from home.

Well, it is time for my bath then bed.

All of you who are currently rolling your eyes that I am complaining about my house being 30 C remember I am also having hot flashes.

12 thoughts on “Whilst I Moan and Complain (Again)

  1. Poor you with the hot flashes and the hot temps. It has been hot, wet and humid here and as this is the onset of hurricane season, I’m hoping we only get a lot of rain…My last car was also a Toyota. I figured with your mileage it had to be because no other model I know of runs as long or as well. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon.

  2. Eating whole oranges is supposed to help, wait, suppose? Or supposed? I dunno. Anyway, they are suppose/supposed to be a curl for hot flashes.

    Thanks for the support, earlier on my blog.

  3. Dear Birdie,

    I don’t get hot flashes (never did, thankfully), and I cannot handle the temperature once it reaches 30 and up, either, so I fully empathize with you. What helps me (besides the air conditioning) is watermelon, cucumbers and melons…and iced tea! Take care of yourself, sweet Birdie, sending you a hug. 🙂

  4. I love when you moan and complain and are hilarious at the same time! This reminded me of years ago when I was married to my first husband, and we lived in Nashville during one of the hottest summers on record. We went to buy an air-conditioner for the window of our bedroom, and since he was so cheap we bought a huge, used one. We heaved that sucker up and into the window, and while we were pushing it in place, it fell out and broke. We laughed so hard that day and were so bummed.

  5. They have been predicting this record breaking hot spell all week. That is way too hot inside your house. I’d have dragged the a/c up those stairs too. Or I’d have sat in a cool bath and sipped lemonade while reading a book until the husband came home and got the a/c going. I hate to tell you this but it’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. It will be over 40C here but no one knows it’s that hot here because we don’t have a weather monitoring station.

  6. I’m so with you on the heat. Maybe if we lived near the equator and were acclimated to living in this weather it would be fine, but having the heat waves swoop in between 50 and 60 degree weather is killer. I’m surprised more people aren’t killed during PNW heat waves!

  7. Hot flashes in the late spring and then summer are the worst. Thank God for AC. I don’t know how women in those long how dresses did it in the summer months back in the day. I really pity them.

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