Why I Love The Ungrateful Bastard.  

I love my rotten beast of a cat because he truly doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. He has no regard for manners, morals, ethics, stereotypes, religion, politics or equality in any form.  He just hates everyone equally and without prejudice. He hates anyone that isn’t making him happy right now. He doesn’t give a shit that he liked you 6 seconds ago.

Tonight I gave him some lactose free milk. Ungrateful Bastard wouldn’t drink it because unbeknownst to me he likes the fucking lactose.

And I love him.

8 thoughts on “Why I Love The Ungrateful Bastard.  

  1. I have a male cat who would spend almost every minute of his life in my lap…He guards me in bed, when we have company and when he hears anything strange about the place. He purrs with the loudness of a small motor and clearly considers me his person.

    I am sure the ungrateful bastard loves you, too.

  2. My ungrateful bastard considers himself higher in the household pecking order. And slaps me down when he thinks I am getting above my station. He frequently makes me bleed – and also purrs and makes it clear that he loves me. Except when he doesn’t. And I love him.

  3. I love what llcooljoe said. That’s perfect!
    So last night we were talking about Maurice and how she doesn’t give a shit what we want or think and how she bites us and then I said, “But I love her. And she doesn’t care.”
    I think she loves us too. She just doesn’t care to let us know that.

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