Excitement for the Day



Other than that, not much new. (No I did not take these pictures while driving. I knew my car km was about to roll over so I pulled onto a quiet street. )

10 thoughts on “Excitement for the Day

  1. Wow…normally, cars don’t excite me since don’t drive these days but that is a cool milestone if you like yours and it is reliable and relatively new. What kind of car is that?

  2. Wow! I’ve never had a car that ever had that much mileage.
    David and I never got to go anywhere. One of the dogs got sick and we had to take him to the vet. Explanation on Monday. Smooches!

  3. My cars were always used…the last one was 20 years old and had mileage like yours when the steering pooped out and I let it go…

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