Today Was a Wash

0105I woke up this morning feeling sad and overwhelmed. My breasts were sore but according to any information I looked up regarding a core needle biopsy it says I shouldn’t have any pain and can “resume normal activities immediately”.  I do know I am a big baby and a hypochondriac but I had a huge needle inserted into each breast 3 times. How can I not be sore the next day? I think the biggest part is the stress of it all.

Today I had to call the BC Cancer Agency and the nurse I spoke to was so helpful. According to my current diagnosis this is probably not cancer but a sort of pre-cancer. But that is not the right word either. She said is sounds like something that could turn into cancer and needs to be watched carefully. Sometimes in these cases they do remove the breasts if a cancer diagnosis is likely. Anyway, I really don’t know and I am just waiting for a call from the surgeon to discuss my options.

The Next Day...

I started that post yesterday and never finished it. Today I was up early for work. As the weather gets warmer it is getting harder to sleep in. Never will I be a morning person but it is nice that the sun is up early and our days are so much longer. Those short 8 and 9 hour days are hard to get through.

Today I finished the rest of my planting…. I think. As it is with most gardeners you see a space anywhere and what better way to fill it than with more flowers. I took some pictures but right now I am outside on my deck and don’t want to take the 25 steps to go and get my camera to put them on my computer. Maybe later. Oh, and since I put the bells up we haven’t seen much of those asshole starlings. The hummingbirds, chickadees and finches are back.

My husband heard back from his extended family. It turns out he does have an aunt that is still living and they have been e mailing back and forth. She and her daughters sound lovely. We are considering going to Ontario to visit them in late September or early October.

Well, I need to do some schoolwork. I have been slacking since the nice weather came along. It is 27 at our house today and it is becoming far too easy to not do anything.

OK, I lied. Here are some of my planters. As I said, they are all rather scraggly because they just were planted but I have high hopes for them.

2015-06-04 03.03.08I picked up this Royal Doulton table cloth at the thrift store. It has never been used. Well, I am going to use it. No doubt it will get stained but that’s OK.

2015-06-04 03.04.26

My husband found this old milking pail at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store. It makes a great planter.

2015-06-04 03.03.48I really don’t know they names of most of the flowers I planted nor do I really care. I chose them because I like their colour.

2015-06-04 03.04.37 This is another toolbox, also found at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store.

As I said, scraggly but holding potential. There a several other pictures but each picture is taking 5 minutes to load and I got stuff to do.

ADDENDUM!!!!!!!! – Orange is the New Black Season 3 is coming out June 12! *happy dance*

11 thoughts on “Today Was a Wash

  1. I bet you anything this is one of those things that will never, ever turn to cancer in time to kill you. One of those things that mammograms pick up that scare us to death but that shouldn’t even be called cancer.

  2. Love your planters – and your husbands good news.
    Fingers and toes crossed that your pre-cancer thingie is benign. And Mary Moon is right – there are a lot of them about. Designed to make us panic.

  3. I’m with Mary. Enough with the scary shit. Keep planting flowers. We’re here sitting with you, sending love and healing thoughts.

  4. I’d say you’d be sore after three needles to the breast. I hope it’s not pre-cancer or anything that needs surgery. Your planters look really pretty. Such creative ways to use those containers as planters. Me I just buy the preplanted baskets cause planting my own takes more skill and energy than I have.

  5. Precancerous changes are better than cancer. It’s hard waiting for biopsy results. And the flowers and the planters look lovely. Take care woman.

  6. We’re eagerly awaiting season 3 of “Orange is the New Black” too! Right now we’re watching “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Have you seen that series? It’s pretty funny!

  7. What Mary said. And I will be watching OITNB with you! And those flowers are beautiful, and happy to hear the news about your husband’s birth family. Life in all its twists and turns.

  8. You’re not a hypocondriac! Anyone would be feeling sore and worried. Thinking of you it’s not great being prodded and poked and waiting for results. Xx

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