Well That is Done

I had the biopsy this morning. The radiologist and his tech were very helpful and kind. The procedure itself was annoying and only slightly painful. It will take a week to get the results back but there is something there that looks “suspicious”. Now I just feel tired and a little sore. The tired is mostly from stress as it was only a local anesthetic used. I came home and got into my pj’s and now I am sitting here with my husband.

Which brings me to the second part of this post. One of the cousins that he contacted has e mailed us back. We tried several methods of contacting his biological family and the particular one this cousin is answering was via the funeral home that posted his mom’s death so very little information was given about the reason we wanted to contact them. She is either totally clueless or knows what this is all about. I personally think she knew that her aunt gave up a baby boy for adoption 55 years ago. It is likely her mother would have told her that Auntie J. had a baby but decided to give him up because she was not in a place to care for him on her own. Right now my husband is laboring over an e mail about why a total stranger is contacting her without giving too much personal information away.

My step-daughter apparently made it to Calgary. I had made her promise that she would call so we knew that she was OK and made it there safely. But, of course she hasn’t. Even an e mail would be nice. I am worrying that she has met some guy off the Internet and has gone to meet him. We have all heard the stories.

Ah, worry, worry, worry.

2015-06-02 00.45.59To prove that I do indeed have wickedness in me I will tell you about my latest method of ridding my yard of starlings. We had been feeding the birds but the starlings were scaring all the other birds away so we took the suet down. There is one area in particular that they like to congregate so I hooked up a whole bunch of those Tibetan bells and a long piece of ribbon that stretches into the house. Now if they go there I will ring the bells, scaring them away! Mwhahahahahaha!

11 thoughts on “Well That is Done

  1. What an ingenious way of scaring those birds…I’m glad the biopsy is done. Hopefully, you’ll get through the waiting without too much stress. You have a lot of bloggers hoping for the best. I hope things go okay with your husband’s cousin—and that your stepdaughter hasn’t gotten herself in something she can’t get out of. It is raining here, the perfect time for PJ’s.

  2. I hope the bells scare away all the nasty Starlings and any bad luck too. In other words I hope you get good news on your biopsy. I hope your husband can get some information about his bio mom.

  3. Don’t take on any worry that is not yours- and by that, I mean your step-daughter. She is a grown woman.
    And “suspicious” is not like to kill you. I promise.

  4. I’m glad that they didn’t have to do more than the biopsy. I’m still hoping everything will be good news

  5. To answer your question, just wear and time. I use a manual chair, play guitar, and do a lot of typing on keyboard. I also live alone and do dishes, laundry and other tasks. Tendonitis responds well to decreasing these and using ice packs. I hope you are feeling okay today.

  6. What a clever woman you are. Starlings are such a greedy nuisance.

    I hope you get good news on your biopsiy. These things always weigh on our minds, and a week is a long time to wait for this kind of information. I am keeping good thoughts for you, Birdie.

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