Sometimes life really does make me postless. Besides being very, very tired today I don’t have much going on. Why I am extra tired today is beyond me. We have had some added stress the last few days with my upcoming biopsy and my husband finding out his biological mother had died after years of trying to find her. My step daughter is here for a couple nights because she decided last week that she is moving back to Alberta. It seems the province of BC has kicked her off welfare. My guess is she can go back on welfare in Alberta. It is one of those things that frustrates me to no end because she just doesn’t want to work. She takes from the system that is already strained under the people that desperately need to be on it. I know this because I see it everyday in my job. People that really can’t work because of illness and they are living in poverty that should not been seen in a industrialized country. It is taking me a long time to realize that nothing can be done about me wanting her to work. Anyway, none of this should be making me feel as tired as I am.

Today I had a break between clients at work so I stopped at the nursery and bought a bunch of bedding plants. I could take some pictures of what I did with all of them but again, I am just too bushed. Maybe tomorrow because I am really happy with how everything looks. Considering they are all on the scraggly side from just being transplanted they look pretty.

Maybe I am tired because the starlings are waking me up at 4 in the morning. Annoying as fuck those mean little bastards are. What is that bible scripture about a starling falling from a tree and God notices? He probably notices because he is glad that there is one less fucking starling to annoy everyone.

OK, my husband said the scripture was not about starling but sparrows. Whatever.

This is what I listen to x 50.

Starlings. Assholes of the bird world. Because every world has to have assholes.

Addendum – Our house guest was just in the bathroom for over 2 hours. *sigh*

10 thoughts on “Postless

  1. Dear Tired and Postless,

    You still managed to make me laugh…Thanks. And you’re right. Good luck with the biopsy.

  2. So many annoying aggravations. I am sorry, and I hope next week is stellar or, at the very least, improved.

  3. Not surprised you are tired. Stress is an exhausting son of a bitch. It is the wattle birds who start up well before sparrow fart here. And I curse them.
    Looking forward to seeing your garden work – and amazed you had the energy.

  4. I’m glad we don’t have starlings around here! Whew what a racket they make.
    I was out in my garden today admiring all the grass in the garden. Well heck if you can’t weed it out you might as well admire it cause it’s nice and green at least.
    No person is able to be in our one and only bathroom for 2 hours! We’d have broken the door down and dragged her out. But then we only have one bathroom so…

  5. I’m postless too. I’ve been reading just not responding. I listen to Finches and Robins and Cardinals through my bedroom window. They are soothing but they also aren’t waking me up. Spent most of last week getting my gardens ready. I’m sore from bending over so much. Gardening is like therapy to me. Sorry to hear about the need for a biopsy. I’m praying for you Birdie.

  6. I’m a bird person, and the birds are driving me crazy this year. Its an endless barrage of chirping and screaming. I used to love birds…maybe the reason I can no longer tolerate them is because my son is a rather LOUD boy, and my poor ears are already under too much assault.

    I’m waning on the posting too. Not only do I have nothing to say, but my hands are hurting from so much computer use, so it’s time to take a bit of a break. Today I’m starting to do my annual house purge where I declutter, throw out, and donate like crazy. If I don’t do this every year shit gets out of control in here. Plus it gives me comfort that if I should suddenly go into a nursing home from my illness or die, my family won’t have to deal with so much crap while selling our house. That might seem morbid, but I’ve cleaned out a multitude of homes after people die…it was such a mess and so much physical labor I swore I’d never do the same to my family.

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