Just about yesterday’s post. My husband’s biological mother did have siblings but they all died, 3 within 6 months of each other. He has 2 cousins that he has e mailed and he is hoping to hear back from them. He sent the e mails yesterday. He doesn’t want anything except information about who she was and maybe copies of some pictures of her. I think  a lot of people’s first instinct is that he wants money. And now knowing that his mother and her siblings died youngish he would like health information. But mostly, he just wants to know about the woman that gave birth to him all those years ago.

Yesterday I got my appointment for my breast biopsy. I can’t say that I am not a little worried.

Other than that our day was mostly uneventful. The birds woke us up at 4:00 this morning. They stopped chirping about 4 hours before that. Do birds only sleep 4 hours in 24? Bless their happy little hearts but quit fucking waking me up. Even as I type this they are still going at it. That makes 15 1/2 hours of chirping non-stop. Maybe they take shifts?

It is getting so hot here. We sort of skipped the cooler weather of spring and went into full on summer. Our garden is doing really well and we are already harvesting a little lettuce. It is getting hard to sleep and I think it is time to bring in the air conditioner.

12 thoughts on “Uneventful

  1. Yup, we’ve brought on the a/c as it’s already been up to 35C here. I hope your husband can find some info and pictures of his mother. I can’t imagine the life he’s had. Sending you lots of good luck with the biopsy.

  2. Thinking of the both of you and how hard life can be. It’s a blessing that you are both there for and understanding of each other’s situation right now. Takes a lot of energy though so look after yourself. Glad to hear that everything else is good for you right now. I hope that your biopsy appointment is over soon and you are given the all clear. X

  3. Wow…I hope his mother’s relatives are understanding and all goes well there. Sending positive wishes for your biopsy as well.

  4. Fingers crossed Birdie. I’ll say a prayer for you. My tomatoes are flowering on the balcony and the flowers are all blooming. Next year I’m going to save tomato seeds and start my tomatoes.

    I love birds too but one year the buggers had a nest in pipe that was my stove hood vent. Sounded like they were in the kitchen and apparently babies never shut up. It went on for six weeks I think and then they finally left. We closed up the opening after they left.

    Take care Birdie.

  5. The birds woke me this morning too. I decided to ignore them and went back to sleep.
    Keep us updated on all things. Love…Ms. Moon

  6. it never occurred to me that they would think he wants money. How sad. Of course he wants to know about his mother. Please keep us posted about your follow up.

  7. When we lived in Maryland, a mocking bird parked himself in a tree outside my window. He started his endless songs about 4:00 am every morning. I never wanted a creature dead as much as that one.

    I hope your husband hears from his cousins. He should have access to the health information, and it might help him with healing old wounds and moving on.

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