I am feeling sad for my husband tonight. He was adopted into a family and did not have a very good home life. It was beyond the “normal” abuse of our day where dad was a drunk and you got the belt for being bad. No, I would go as far to say the abuse he received was beyond horrifying. Both his mother and father were monsters.  For at least 4 years now he has been searching for his biological mother. In that time he unearthed documents about his adoptive parents that told of a neighbour calling Child Protective Services several times when he was just a tiny baby. The CPS ended up being a drinking buddy of his adoptive father and the charges were dismissed. The abuse of course continued until my husband moved out on his own at 17. The stories that he has had the courage to share with me have been heartbreaking.

Anyway, he had been looking for his biological mother and today he found out she died in 2011. She never had any other children. A real blow for my husband. It is yet another unrecognized grief.

10 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Oh dear. This breaks my heart. I know that you will be a source of comfort for him, but still.

  2. How terribly sad. So many unanswered questions unless he can find other members of her family, is that possible? Would they even want to know him? There are so many sad stories about children being given up for adoption just because the mother wasn’t married, at least we seem to have moved on from that. Give him a hug from me. x

  3. Oh, the situation is heart-breaking. But perhaps knowing his mother is dead will at least give him some closure.

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