And This

Today was my day off and it was just so nice. Apart from trying very hard to not get pulled into the unknown of yesterday I hada lovely quiet day with my husband. (I do have to say that practicing Mindfulness is my saving grace. I just have to be in the moment. That said, I had a dream last night where the surgeon told me I had two months to live like it was a good thing.) Anyway, we went on a date for lunch and then to the nursery where we spent more money than we should have but what better way to spend money then on flowers?

Today I coloured my hair because I was way past the point of looking frumpy. And I started cleaning the bathroom and somehow got sidetracked but it will get done before bed. Addendum – More likely tomorrow.

And I don’t know but lately I am just feeling good. I really am! Happy even.  I am terrified to write that because I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to fall.  For the first time in a long time I am not feeling overly tired or depressed or even any real grief. I miss my mom every single day but I no longer mourn for her. My marriage is in a good place, I don’t mind my job and my daughter is doing so well in school and in life and making good decisions. Other than the news yesterday from my doctor I wouldn’t change much. But yes, the news from my doctor does throw a wrench into it. Is this the other shoe getting ready to fall? *sigh*

OK, it is time for my bath then bed. 2 days off are over again and back to work tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “And This

  1. Living in the moment is the best way to go, dear Birdie. So glad you had an enjoyable day. I took a long walk at dusk this evening, 40 minutes, and am a little sore but happy I got to enjoy some lovely weather. 🙂

  2. I love buying plants and flowers, unfortunately I usually buy annuals instead of perennials so I end up spending every year. I really should learn.

    I am so glad life is good for you right now.

  3. Yay for happy days! Sounds like even The Ungrateful Bastard is behaving himself?

  4. Isn’t it horrible how those of us who suffer from depression and anxiety can’t even fully enjoy the good and lovely times because we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop? I know exactly what you mean.
    Well. Keep being mindful. I feel quite certain that no one is going to tell you have two months to live. Dreams are ridiculous.

  5. You are living in the moment, it’s a great thing to do. I have a feeling it won’t be so bad with the surgery, but, I am hoping for the best for you dear. Enjoy the moment.

  6. MIndfulness is good when we can be mindful enough to practice it! Thanks for the reminder. I do think you’re going to be okay, you’ll just need to put one foot in front of the other and take the walk. We’re here for you. In the meantime, you are in a very good place. Enjoy every moment of it.

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