Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound Results

I had a mammogram and breast ultrasound back on April 23 and had a call from my doctor’s office saying they wanted to follow up. It was a, “No hurry, come in when you can. It is not urgent”.  I made an appointment for the following week but had to miss it because of work. I really thought nothing of it and was not even going to re-schedule because of the, “no hurry,come in when you can…”. I only called because I was wondering if I was going to be charged for the missed appointment. The scheduler that answered the phone asked me when I wanted to come in. Anyway, long story short I went in today and was stunned with the results. Actually, I don’t really understand the results except there are numerous concerns and signs that things are not right. I am scheduled to see a surgeon who will do a biopsy and likely surgery (but not a mastectomy) to remove whatever it is that is there that is not supposed to be there and then breast reconstruction surgery. It is my understanding that whatever is there should not be there and it is a cancer risk so best to remove it. Yes, I am just as confused.

We were out in the yard today weeding and planting. It is such a nice day. We went to the nursery the a couple of weeks back and I bought plants for a hanging basket. A few years ago I found a huge old wooden tool box so I added flowers to that as well. I removed the hand stitched quilt from our bed and washed it and now it is hanging on the line outside. There are steaks marinating in wine and Norbert just climbed into a box that it too small for him. With all the information I got on my mom’s side of the family on our trip I am adding it to and as fast as I can add it the faster new information comes up.

When I came home and told my husband about the mammogram he was so concerned and loving. I know we have had our problems but at the end of the day I do not know what I would do without him. When the doctor was trying to explain to me what was going on all I could think was I needed my husband. he would make everything OK.

*Addendum – Norbert just burst the box that he was forcing his body into. Have I ever mentioned he is a very big cat? He weighs 12 pounds. 12 pound cats don’t fit all that well in shoe boxes so he made it bigger.

17 thoughts on “Mammogram and Breast Ultrasound Results

  1. I am sorry to hear this and I hope the surgeon does a much better job of explaining the situation to you before you agree to any biopsy or other surgery. It might be a good idea to take someone with you to take notes during the appointment in case you are so anxious you tune out the doctor after a point. I did that after my ultrasound and was very grateful to my friend who was a nurse. I hope it goes well.

  2. I hope everything is okay! And I agree with the advice above. You might want to take someone with you to ask questions and get answers.

  3. I have a strong belief in patient advocates, be they family or friend. Two perspectives are always better than one and it gives you someone to talk it over with afterwards. Marshal your thoughts and compose questions that are designed to get straight answers about the seriousness/risk factors and the qualifications and bias of those who are presenting your options. Norbert is a thug:)

  4. There are some types of breast abnormalities which they even CALL cancer but which will never, no matter how long you live, kill you. Find out if this is one of those. They overtreat horribly and scare women to death.
    And I agree with everyone else- take someone with you!!!!!

  5. Yes, best to get that dodgy tissue out just in case it poses a much bigger problem down the road. They do marvelous preventive work these days. Hugs to you, Birdie!

  6. It sounds like your Dr. doesn’t think it’s cancer but it may be something else that they want to take out. Sorry to hear that you need a surgery but hopefully it’s just cysts and you won’t need any reconstruction. I’m glad your husband can be a comfort to you. And I agree with what others have said about taking someone with you or getting an advocate or social working to help you understand what the surgeon is saying. A second opinion may be an option too.

  7. Why does a surgeon need to do the biopsy? Usually we do a biopsy in mammos or ultrasound. Hope it’s ok.

  8. Wow, how stressful and confusing of your doc’s office. I’m sure they just didn’t want you to panic as it doesn’t sound like it’s an emergency situation….still, you’d think they wouldn’t have made it seem so unimportant that you come in. I hope it’s just a cyst that you can have easily and quickly removed and forget about. xo

  9. I’m so sorry to hear you have to face surgery. I hope it’s just a benign cyst. I’ll pray everything goes well for you, dear.

  10. Some good advice up there Birdie. I totally agree that having someone with you would be a good idea. It does sound very scary and you are bound to be worried and confused. Hope it’s all sorted out quickly for you. X

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