I am Back

Did you know I was gone?  We just got back from 4 nights away. It was wonderful! Is there a word better than wonderful because that’s what it was!  I am home now and have emptied my bags, (I have to do it as soon as I come home because it depresses me to leave it until the next day.), changed the sheets on the bed and had a bath and now I am typing this. There is so much to say but right now I am tired and just going to relax.  More tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “I am Back

  1. Was this the trip where the cousins you just found invited you to visit and stay with them? You sound like things went well. I hope so and I’m excited to know more. Have a good evening.

  2. Yes. I did know you were gone. I was starting to worry and now I’m not. Thank you. And glad you had such a wonderful time. Yay!

  3. I did, in fact, notice you were gone. I’m glad it was for happy reasons and not for sad ones!

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