Another Grumpy Post

Is my grumpiness PMS? Is it from my neck that is always, always sore? The pain spreads down my arms and into my hands and makes me so tired. Or is it that I have come home from work the last three days and nothing has been done? I have to fucking make dinner and that pisses me off. My husband was out all day and tired because of the heat. My daughter has her period and slept most of the day. Is my grumpiness because someone I know lives on welfare said she “get’s paid” this week? Argh! You don’t “get paid” when you are on welfare. Getting paid is something that happens when you have a fucking job.  Maybe I am grumpy because I can’t take one more day of work. I am so tired. I am on holidays starting Tuesday but after the week I am back at it. Home Support never lets up.  And most of the time I love it and I love having a job where I have to give of myself. Just not lately. Lately I feel like I am already living in a physical and spiritual drought. It is so hard to recharge. Maybe it was crazy of me to take on part time schooling but I do see it as a way out of my current job that is not going to get better on my physical body.

OK, I have to go.. The neighbour just dropped by and I am not in the mood for company.  I feel like crying.

8 thoughts on “Another Grumpy Post

  1. Birdie, take some nice down time…go into a room, shut the door and dim the lights, play soft music, take a shower, whatever will help you to relax. Not everyone on welfare takes advantage of the system, but I know there are unfortunately many out there who do. Sending you a hug.

  2. You’re human. Humans hit bottom and can’t see a way out. Then something happens and we are recharged. Usually. A week off will help tremendously.

  3. Just recently I’ve realised that resting body and mind isn’t enough. Sometimes my soul needs soothing too. I’ve been listening to music that seems to be helping. It’s taken me a long while to find the right music though.
    Treat yourself to something you love. And next time you come home to find that dinner needs cooking, turn right around and go get something just for you. Tell the rest of them to sort their own out!

  4. Dear Birdie,

    When I get in that frame of mind, I usually take a nice shower and go to bed…I hope you can do something you love to re-charge body and soul, and as others have pointed out, sometimes it’s fine to be grumpy.

  5. OK, thank you, I am the same way about people saying they “get paid” when their payments are from tax money. And I’m a card-carrying progressive. Hope you are feeling better.

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