There is a Spider in my Car

I am driving home from work today and a big fucker of a spider falls down from the ceiling of my car about 3 inches from my hand and just hung there. I almost drove off the road. It was an ugly red piece of shit. Fortunately there was a stop light about 200 yards ahead but unfortunately it is one of the only stop lights in the city that stops on a hill so couldn’t just bend down to see where it went. (It had disappeared down to the floor at this point.) The guy in the car beside me noticed me having a major freak out (it was big and red! *) and so I told him there was a spider in my car and he laughed and said that he hoped it didn’t crawl up my pant leg.  “That is what I am afraid of!” I said. He drove away and there was nowhere to even pull over because of course I was turning off the hill onto the highway. When I got home I got out of the car as fast as I could and told my husband to find it and rehome it. He couldn’t find it so it is still in there.




I am going to have to sell the car now. It really pisses me off because not 30 minutes before I saw a different spider outside and rehomed it. Did I kill it like I could have? No! I set it free. The other spider should have known that I let one of his brothers (or maybe it was a sister) live and left me alone.

*that’s what she said

8 thoughts on “There is a Spider in my Car

  1. Birdie, I couldn’t help but laugh at the way you told your spider story. πŸ™‚ I love the way you express yourself. I am just glad you are O.K.

  2. So sorry about your spider phobia…Many years ago, I was riding in a car with someone when qa spider crawled on to the wind shield…She almost had a heart attack from fright! This made me smile. Glad you’re fine now.

  3. I’ll send you my daughter’s asthmatic cat, he eats spiders. I’m not a huge fan of spiders they don’t freak me out. Only the black widow ones we have all over here, now those ones freak me out and they are always in the places that you don’t go in often like the back of the closet or the basement or in the garden by the rocks, shudder!

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