Now What Was I Going to Post About?

First, I know I should not end a sentence in preposition but my title of this post is just going to have to stay as it is.

I had two topics I was going to talk about today and right now I can only remember one. That being that this week marks the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

“The unconditional surrender of Germany was signed at Rheims on May 7 and ratified at Berlin on May 8.” *source


Signing the official surrender.

What a day that must have been! Today I was reading an article about how many civilians (aprox. 22, 000)  died in Holland in the winter Hongerwinter (“Hunger winter”) of 2014/2015.  They starved to death. Germany had cut off all their supplies. Then came the Canadian soldiers. No doubt tired and weary and disgruntled in their own right. They had lost more than 7, 500 of their soldiers in the preceding nine months.  But they came and liberated the Dutch people. Ask any Dutch person and they will tell you about it. This morning I was with an man who is now bed ridden and I asked him what he remembers. As a young Canadian boy he had signed up and  19 and was in England. He woke up to fireworks going off and that is how he knew the war was over.

And now I remember the second thing I was going to blog.  Last week I sent a very obscure e mail to the librarian in the small town (a whopping 85 people) where my grandmother grew up. I wanted to find her mother’s (my great grandmother’s) grave when we drive through town in a few weeks.  She send me an e mail back and told me where I could find could find my great grandmother’s grave. Well bless her Saskatchewan heart because she forwarded it to my second cousin, once removed who sent me an e mail inviting us to stay with them when we visit! Who does that? Nice people, that’s who!  I was blown away by their kindness and generosity. They don’t know me from anyone else in Canada and yet they invite me and my husband to stay in their house!  You all know me better! Anyway, I wrote back and said I was so excited to meet all of them. It turns out there is a whole mess of them still living within minutes of the old family homestead.  Anyone that has read my blog knows I love geneology and this is like a dream come true. I can’t wait! Eeeee!

This morning I woke up with terrible anxiety. I am not sure how I even made it out the door to work.  It didn’t help that I was cold because someone took all the blankets. Today was my first day checking to see if my basal body temperature has gone up since taking Kelp. It wasn’t a good day to start because I was shivering and my temp was 96.9, almost 2 whole degrees lower than normal.

Well, it is that time again. It is just after 8:00 and my bed and books are calling me. Hoping that tomorrow there will be no anxiety.

9 thoughts on “Now What Was I Going to Post About?

  1. Fireworks sounds like a good way to celebrate war being over. I don’t know much about body temp but two degrees sounds like a lot. And cool beans on your cousin offering a place to stay.

  2. Wow- that IS a dream come true for someone like you! That is going to be an amazing time!
    I think the moon is in anxiety. I’m still struggling. May it switch soon and leave us in peace.

  3. How cool is that? Sorry – no pun intended. Cool’s probably the wrong word. How GREAT is that? It’ll be wonderful to meet up with your family. When do you plan to go?

    And I hope you warm up soon. Two degrees is a lot. Get better. That’s an order.

  4. I think it’s cool you’ve got new family to meet. I hope that goes well. What’s up with your body temp?

  5. You can end a sentence any way you want, IMHO.
    When are you road tripping? We are heading out in a couple of weeks. We may go to your island, we’re not sure.

  6. Get a heated mattress pad (like an electric blanket, but it’s a mattress pad). They have dual temperature controls for queen size beds and up. That way if a blanket hog steals all the covers, you can crank it up and still be warm.

    So glad you get to meet long lost family…can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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