Taking a Grumpy Break

OK, I am only a little grumpy but I am trying to study and Norbert is whining and crying to be let out.  I finally freaked out and he ran away and hid. This is not particularly hard stuff I am learning but it takes a lot of concentration.  Right now I am learning cell processes and as the words suggest, there is a process. I have it all figured out to the 3rd or 4th step and when Norbert starts up I lose my train of thought. Having a train of thought at all when you are 44 is an feat in itself and you don’t need an Ungrateful Bastard wandering around bored looking for things to do.


This is what we did today. We went for a walk in the Harewood Plains. It is gorgeous to say the least. Of course I took pictures to share with my blogging buddies!



And then we went to the feed & seed and saw these! (This picture was taken with my iPod so it is not great quality but they are sure cute!) I also bought more Mason bee tubes because we need more bees!IMG_0481

I also bought a whole bunch of little plants that promise to flower. I will shove as many as I can in a hanging basket and hope that it blooms.

OK, back to work!

11 thoughts on “Taking a Grumpy Break

  1. Love the flower pics! I’m a sucker for meadows/gardens/roadside weeds that bloom. I guess I can never get enough flowers.

    I know what you mean about concentration. I’m almost 42 and have my 3yr old autistic kid screaming at top volume and tearing around me in circles all day. My brain is not a pretty place to be, and I’m lucky I can even put together a sentence. Even without the young child, I’m not sure I could do something like school at this age…it must take a lot of effort to retrain your brain to study for exams after so much time away from the classroom.

  2. You live in a beautiful place…As for the studying, it does get a bit easier with time. Keep at it and best to you.

  3. Great pictures and it sounds like a lot of work. I admire you for going for it.

    That picture you asked me about is done in my email program on my Samsung tablet. I open and email and draw it with my sPen. Then there’s also a few other programs for art already installed on the tablet.

    Great fun.

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