Eye Rolling and Mean Old Ladies

eyeroll Except is it not my teenager rolling her eyes it is ME!  Yes. It is me.  The English assignment that I am working on is on teens and healthy eating. I am supposed to write on the importance of  making healthy choices and trying to encourage them to eat food from local farmers. Remember I am doing English 12 and normally it would be teens actually doing this. However, I am not a teen. I know better. No matter what you tell them to do they will likely do the opposite. Or not listen in the first place. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a teenager and I know for a fact that learning this will never be actually used in my adult life. (Remember saying that when we were in school?)

Fact – This woman who is long past graduation knows that a teenager will never come to her to ask her for advice or sit at her knee while she passes on her wisdom. (Not that I actually have any.)

So I am rolling my eyes because this whole entire topic is completely redundant. I wonder what my instructor would think if I told her all of this? Could I just sent this post?

Here is the latest from my chronicles of home support.  Today I had a lady kick me out of her house because I was going to wash my hands.  No. I am not fucking kidding. She told me I should come with clean hands. (I had just finished changing my shoes so my hands were not clean. I told her that I had brought my own soap and paper towel and she freaked out. (Sometimes people get weird about you using their soap and paper towel.) Here is the thing. Washing our hands is mandatory. Anyway, she told me if I didn’t like it I could leave. So I did. I called my nurse leader who laughed and said something along the lines of her “having issues”. Apparently she does this all the time.  Usually I give the people I care for a wide berth because many of them are in various stages of dementia. Not her. She is just a mean old lady.

I have come to the conclusion that three week of holidays each year from work is just not enough. When I was young three weeks seemed like so much time. Now it just seems like a weekend. My last holidays were in October for two weeks. I will have a week in May then won’t have time off until October again.  Really, I am just too old for this. It is exhausting. It doesn’t help my anxiety either.

Tonight I am extra tired and I am too tired to proofread this post. I know it is all over the place. Hoping it makes some sort of sense.

16 thoughts on “Eye Rolling and Mean Old Ladies

  1. I am sorry; you are in a high burnout, high turnover job. I had a few of those though I never took care of elderly. Maybe if you ask your instructor, he or she can suggest a more appropriate essay topic for you. Have a good week.

  2. If the assignment is for an English class, it seems to me it will be marked according to how you write it, i.e., vocabulary, spelling, grammar, etc., rather than its content. So it shouldn’t matter what you write — yes, I’d just prepare a variation of this post on what any adult or parent knows is a stupid topic, LOL!

  3. People sure are weird whether they are old and demented or not there are just so many strange people out there. My husband always comes home with stories about what the people he cares for tell or things they do. When you work with people you’ll always have a good or bad story to tell.
    That English assignment is pretty lame one even for grade 12 students. At least it sounds like an easy assignment to write because we all know the drill on healthy eating even if we don’t all follow it 100%.
    Is there any way you can cut back to part-time work? Three weeks off every year is not enough especially for your type of work.

  4. My mother fell out with the carers she had for Dad. It’s not an easy situation for anyone really. I admire anyone who cares for the elderly, it must be such a hard job and here in the UK it’s not paid that well either.

  5. How to make a teenager eat healthy food from local farmers?
    Tell them they should be living on McDonalds and that you don’t wan’t them anywhere near the Farmer’s Markets.
    Sigh on the mean old lady front.

  6. I don’t know how you do your job. Certainly most people are not cut out for it.

    Teenagers eat healthy foods? Ha!

  7. Wow.. she asked you to leave because you wanted to wash your hands?!
    do you use antibacterial gels? in the absence of water i wondered if that would be acceptable. Yeah send this post to your tutor…funny.
    Keep up the good work Birdie..!

  8. It’s amazing to me how much of life is just complete and utter BS. And we realize this at an early age (yes, often in math class) and it just continues onward.
    And it wears us out.

  9. I think maybe you should write your essay on the fact that persuading teenagers to do anything sensible is impossible. In fact write your essay as the teen – just as you started in your post. I think that would work. Check with your tutor first though.

    You definitely need more holidays. I get 24 days – and it isn’t enough!

  10. Healthy eating and teenagers don’t go together very well but good luck with that:)

    I want twelve weeks of holidays a year, although I’m guessing if I got that I would still want more. Take care Birdie. You’re doing great.

  11. Sorry birdie, I just unfollowed than re-followed you. The follow/unfollow button is right next to my “reader” button, and I’m constantly hitting the wrong one.

    I’d write the paper on how stupid her topic is, but in a humorous way so she doesn’t get angry!

  12. When and where other than sometimes at the dinner table have you ever seen or heard of a teenager eating a proper diet or even exercising for that matter. OY! Kids! ahahahahaaa!

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