That Was Unexpected

I received my Biology exam mark back today and surprisingly I got 70%. I was expecting 60% or less. 70% is still not a great mark but considering I stuffed 6 weeks of studying into less than 2 weeks it is not too bad. Actually, it was more like 4 or 5 days because I had to work as well. And considering I have not taken a science course in 28 years I am not dissatisfied with 70%. Anyway, I know I can do better and the teacher will reset the exam so I can study properly. I had mentioned that I needed to get this first exam in before May 1 to not have to pay for the course. So, that is done and now I can take a breath and start over.

And, this was unexpected too. I went to TOPS tonight I got 3rd place for most weight lost in the last quarter of 2014! They gave me a yellow rose and a nice certificate that I put on my fridge. (Aside – I don’t like stainless steel appliances. You can’t stick things on with magnets!)

Today at work I went to the client that has soup (cream of mushroom) every single day and does not own a ladle. It takes a fair amount of restraint on my part not to say, “Why don’t you buy a fucking ladle? How can you have soup every day for lunch and not own a fucking ladle?” It is now one of the mysteries of the Universe. Perhaps if I could find out why she doesn’t own a ladle and yet insists on soup it would set off a chain of events where many of the world’s mysteries could be solved. Maybe we could find out how the pyramids were made. Or a cure for cancer. There is no telling what could happen.



15 thoughts on “That Was Unexpected

  1. Told you! Didn’t I say you’d have done better than you thought? You belong to a generation that knows how to work. You might only have spent a few days on it – but every moment of those few days will have counted. Because you are MUCH better at stuff than you give yourself credit for. Now go kick their *ss*s for the rest of the course. 🙂

    • awesome on both fronts, Birdie! Why not just buy a ladle and take it with you when you go to her house? That way, you can use it while there since you apparently serve her soup. If you bring it and then take it with you, she doesn’t have to worry about it and neither do you.

  2. 70% is an awesome mark for having so little time to study. I can imagine the great mark you’ll get when you do study.
    Soup for one person? Who needs a ladle, just eat out of the pot. Or you can just pour what you want into your bowl. I only need my ladle when the pot I’ve cooked in is too heavy to lift safely.
    And congrats on your weight loss. It must feel so good.

  3. Congratulations, Birdie. I would hate to think about the grade I would get if I had to take a biology test.

    That last paragraph had me laughing out loud.

  4. Congrats!

    I have a friend who is a college professor and once had a bunch of her students over. She served them Christmas cookies and mulled cider. When one of the students asked for a second helping of the cider, she handed the young man a ladle. The young man held up the ladle, looked at it, and said, “How do you work this?”


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