Can a Head Swim?

My head is swimming. Yesterday I finished and submitted my first Biology assignment.  It was in the truest sense, an unmitigated disaster.  When I started I had some hope because I am an adult now. “I can do this!” When I looked further into the course a sense of  “oh-shit-what-have-I-got-myself-into” came over me. Though I did exceedingly well when I went to college and got my diploma to become a Community Health Worker I realized that taking grade 12 biology more or less required grade 11 biology. I took grade 11 biology 28 years ago (28 years!). It took me about an hour to realize that I was way in over my head so I contacted the instructor and told him so. As I mentioned in a previous post he called me at home and told me to just submit the first assignment so I could at least be registered and then he would reset me from the beginning. Anyway, submit the assignment I did and I did very, very bad. I think I may have got 60%.

I decided to let that go and just start again but today I worked on my second English assignment. It was not hard but it took all afternoon!  And I don’t mean all afternoon punctuated with breaks to the bathroom and to checking my e mail and reading blogs. It was a solid and concentrated effort. Maybe it will get easier over time. At any rate, I know I did well (I got 97% on my first assignment.) but now my head is swimming and  I am just wanting to drink alcohol. Maybe I will have a glass of wine.

For some reason I remember that I had a story about my day but now I can’t remember what it was.  It was the usual up at 6:30 then off to work. Last of the big spenders, I got a coffee at 7-11. It actually isn’t bad!  Saw people and helped them with their day. Came home and had a 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich then did homework. That was my whole day and I still can’t remember what wonderful and exciting story I was going to share. Oh, well.

My husband is watching the Calgary Flames/Vancouver Canucks game and all that flashing in the arena can’t be good for people. Doesn’t that kind of flashing cause seizures?  And all that noise! ech! So glad I am not there. Besides, I have to go to bed at 8:00 so I can read.

OK. Time for a glass of wine!

4 thoughts on “Can a Head Swim?

  1. I hope you ate more than 1/2 of a cheese sandwich all day, otherwise your blood sugar will get too low and concentration for anything will be out the window…Best of luck with everything. I have juggled work, school, home…it isn’t easy.

  2. I think you’ll have done better than you expect. When I went to University at the ripe old age of 37 it had been 20 years since I did any chemistry. I was terrified. But it turns out my standard of working was much higher than the ‘right age’ people ever had to achieve. I wasn’t so far below the expected level as I thought I’d be. With a bit of an effort I ended up getting a prize for my exam score.

  3. I took my oncologic nursing course last year. I was the oldest in the class at 51 and ten years old than the instructor. I passed with flying colors. Your age doesn’t matter. You will make it.

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