I Changed My Mind

I said yesterday that I was going to drop Biology but the instructor phoned me personally and asked me not to. I told him I didn’t think I could finish the first assignment by next week’s deadline but he told me to just submit it and even if I fail I can retake it. The deadline to have this assignment is pressing because after the deadline the BC government will step in (Christy Clark!) and charge me for the course. I can’t afford that right now. Anyway, I studied all afternoon and will study tomorrow and attempt the first assignment. I don’t think I will pass because it is just too much information to learn in a short time but that is OK.

I had my mammogram and breast ultrasound this afternoon. Because I am just a few days before my period starts the mammogram really hurt. I could feel myself tensing even as I was telling myself to relax. My neck and shoulders are all tight now but nothing a hot bath with Epsom salts and Ibuprofen (yes, I am taking Ibuprofen!) won’t get rid of.

My husband and I are planning a short trip to (drum roll!) Saskatchewan next month. It is mostly to get away but we have a few little things planned. My great-grandmother is buried in a teeny little town called Pilger. I would like to see where she is buried because as any of my long time readers know I love geneology. I will also get to see where my grandma grew up. As it is now, it is a community of less than 100 people.  Wikipedia says this,

“The town’s industries include farming, a bar & restaurant, and a general store providing groceries, a coffee shop, gas station and postal outlet.”

It isn’t a town that has a whole lot going on. It does have a bar. But hold on!  Pilger is home the the Annual Pilger Pumpkin Growing Contest. It is proof that there are people that have even less going on in their lives than I.  Well, probably not. Close though. And get this. You can go out to lunch when you are there. Dairy Queen! And not only that, you can go out for dinner as well! Guess where?

9 thoughts on “I Changed My Mind

  1. So whereabouts is Pilger? Is it close to Regina or Saskatoon? Or somewhere else completely? I must confess I’ve never heard of it. I have many relatives in Saskatchewan so it’s always been a province close to my heart.

  2. My sister used to live in Broadview which is another one of those tiny towns in Sask. My sister-in-law and family lives in Regina. We don’t get out there very often. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  3. Wow – and I thought I’d found the back-end of civilisation a few years ago when I visited a town in rural Maine (We were heading south after a trip to Quebec) The highlight of the town calendar was the ‘Moose photo’ contest. There were all kinds of classes: running moose, magnificent moose, funny moose, etc. The local restaurant was decorated with……… photos of moose! On the other hand – I loved the place. Enjoy your trip, and I hope you manage to find your Granny’s grave and it promotes your sense of family history.

    Don’t worry about the assignment. I bet you know LOADS more than you realise.

  4. I hate to tell you this Biride but most people live very ordinary lives. I usually think other people have better, more interesting lives as well but when I talk to them, we’re usually not so different. My week consists of working, making supper, doing laundry, cleaning and cooking for Katie, rounded off by taking Katie out on Sundays. Sometimes we change it up a little by going to emergency or a doctor’s office:)

  5. You know what- I think you’ll do fine in biology! I am SO proud of you for this. Golly. No matter what, you keep on moving. That is such an accomplishment, in and of itself!

  6. I think we imagine other people have more going on in their lives than we do but i suspect this is not the case. i think humans are lonely beings because we really should be living in big communes and cooking and eating together and watching the kids run around and sharing our very souls. this is what i wish sometimes. that life was one big cheerful commune. ha!

    enjoy your trip, dear birdie.

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