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I am sitting down and taking a break from all the “have to’s”. Having to clean the bathroom and bleach down the kitchen counters (the only chemical I use), laundry, changing the bed… the list goes on, doesn’t it? But I really can’t complain because I am feeling a smidgen better after listening to my pharmacist. I just started the bio-identical hormones less than a week ago and I know they have not had time to do their thing but it is the other things. I upped my melatonin to 15 mg. at night. It is helping me fall asleep faster (most nights), sleep deeper and feel a little more rested in the morning. The biggest part for going on this dose is to help with the adrenal fatigue. I live my life in a hyper-state of awareness and take everything in that everyone else feels. It makes me great at my job and it makes me terrible at me job. I am also taking fish oil but not the 3-6-9 that I had been taking. It is just Omega 3. To find out why click here if you are interested.  I have also added zinc to my diet with the hope that it will raise by basal body temperature up from the average of 97.2, which is too low and can contribute to a whole host of problems. A higher BBT is not just for women trying to get pregnant. And the seemingly smallest was throwing out iodized table salt and replacing it with pink Himalayan salt that has not been stripped of everything and the iodine put back it. It contains micro-nutrients that are essential to our health. (If you are going to go and replace your salt, get it from a health food store. All salts are not created equal.)

So there is all the above and yes, I am feeling a smidgen better. The change in weather makes a big difference. It will be at least 2 more weeks before I will see it the progesterone is working.

In other news, I received my text books today. After much deliberation I decided to just do the English 12 for now. My life is so busy at it is and I don’t want to take on more than I can handle. Even my blog readers know how overwhelmed I can get and it is easier to avoid the overwhelm that deal with it.

In a few minutes my daughter’s school will be doing a lock down drill. It is well known that these drills are a part of the lives of today’s kids but it brings up a sadness in me that we live in such a world now. In all my years of school I never once felt unsafe in the classroom. Yes,  I was bullied but I was never fearful that someone would come in and start shooting. To me, this is not just a drill but a huge problem. Have we have got ourselves into a huge mess and can’t get ourselves out?  Will we ever be able to untangle this knot?

Addendum – After I wrote this post I ran around town like a mad thing.  So much to do in not enough time off but it all worked out. I am getting better at planning my car trips around town and keeping my turns right turns instead of of left turns that take more time.  Then I had to deal with my employer because I told them I had an appointment tomorrow and needed to be off at 9:30 a.m. but they screwed it up and started me at that time. Is it just me or does anyone else spend and inordinate amount of time just dealing with shit you should not have had to deal with in the first place?

Then I planted a piece of pussy willow in the ground. I am hoping it takes root. That would be very nice.

7 thoughts on “A Midday Post

  1. Glad you are starting to feel better and thanks for the tips regarding the pink himalayan salt and melatonin. I wish you the best in your English course…Where does your daughter go to school? As a kid, I never worried about peeps with guns shooting teachers or other kids. If I had school age kids now, I would probably go the charter school route because those are sometimes better than public, at least where I live presently. You are right to feel sad.

  2. Good idea to take one class instead of a full slate because you are a buzy gal! English should be pretty enjoyable, I think. Yes, it makes me sad to think of lockdown drills in schools too but such is the world we live in today, my oh my.

  3. Birdie, do you have any idea what happened to heart in hand? It seems her entire blog is deleted and I haven’t heard anything from her. Any news?

  4. You sound a bit brighter, considering how much you’ve ‘had’ to do. One of the things I finally realised is that I never ‘have’ to do anything. I choose to change the bed sheets today but the world wouldn’t end if I left it till tomorrow. Well done for getting through everything! I hope the dietary changes are what’s helping and that they’ll continue to improve things for you.

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