My Boring Life

I keep starting a post then realize that my life is pretty damn boring so I “X” out and go find something else to do.

So here is the excitement of the last several days.

eatedI had been losing weight and was doing well. In November I was down 25 pounds but somehow stalled. Since then I have put a bit of that back on. It is so easy to put weight on, isn’t it? Last night I realized I need to step back up to the plate and try to get this last 25 pounds off. Today started out so well, as it always does with me, then around dinner I lose momentum and end up eating everything. The only thing I didn’t eat today was black jelly beans because they are pieces of Satan’s shit. That reminds me of a former employer who gave me licorice candy once and I kind of freaked out because I hate licorice. I spit it out and she got really mad. Looking back it was funny because she was a bully and really mean.

Today I got my hair cut by a new person. A man, to be more specific. I have not had a man cut my hair since I was about 14 so it was kind of different.  It got all uncomfortable when he was washing my hair and this song came on the radio.

“Baby let your hair down
Let me run my fingers through it
We can be ourselves now
Go ahead, be foolish
No one’s on the clock now
Lying in this simple moment
You don’t gotta worry now
Just let your hair down”

Of course I said something and he laughed. Anyway, he did a great job and my hair is a lot lighter. My hair is really, really thick. In fact, my previous stylists have requested I ask for an extra 20 minutes during my regular cuts just to thin it. I should post a picture from when I was a little because my hair is bigger than the rest of me.

Ah, what else?  Yesterday I almost changed the sheets on my bed from flannel to cotton but I am glad I didn’t because it is cold, windy and rainy today. It is a nice day to be wrapped in flannel.

Anyway, that is about it.  Marisa de los Santos has a new book out and I am going to go read it.

9 thoughts on “My Boring Life

  1. Doesn’t sound boring, especially the new book, and today, I almost stayed in bed because I was so tired…Enjoy your read.

  2. Not boring at all, Birdie, and your comment about being boring made me smile, as did the photo of the cat, so thank you. The lyrics to that song came at just the right moment. LOL!

  3. Ah, but how we women all deal with the same things and somehow we think we’re boring and that somewhere, other women magically have perfect hair and exciting lives and perfect bodies okay, there may be one or two but mostly- it’s us. Doing the work, fretting over our extra pounds, having too much/too little hair, being so grateful to get into bed because we work so hard that we are exhausted.
    Really honey. You’re not boring. You’re a human.

  4. Sounds like fun to me. Last time I had a male hairdresser I loved it. Of course he was classic – gay! I loved having a good bitching session with him while he did my ‘do’. I get on well with my current ‘coiffeuse’ but I do miss good old Andrew.

  5. Your boring life HAHAhahahaahahaaa! Hey, you have a job and school and kids and get to drive. At least you are blessed. I just stay home and read, do housework and tease the puppies. I’d say my life is more boring darlin.

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