Canada Revenue Agency

TaxCancellationWell, my taxes are done for another year. For the life of me I can’t figure out why I have to pay but I do. So I will pay and be done with it. It really doesn’t make sense though because my husband retired last year and had no income, not even his pension. A family of four living on what I make should not have to pay but apparently I do. Fuckers.

I picked up my Hormone Replacement Therapy today. I didn’t say in the last post that it is bio-identical hormones. My mom literally made my promise on her death bed that I would not take hormones, meaning Premarin. She was convinced, as was I, that it contributed to her Ovarian cancer and death. But how can you prove this?

sea-monkeysGet this. This is how I can prove once and for all that Norbert is EVIL. My son had a small aquarium of sea monkeys. Norbert, the bastard, knocked them over and now they are all dead. I almost cried. I’m not kidding. I felt sick when I found out because they would have suffered. They are not “just sea monkeys” to me. They are a living things. Poor defenseless sea monkeys. ~sigh~

I have a mammogram next week. That is always fun. Smooshing yourself up to a machine that flattens your boobs like pita bread. It would be better if your face wasn’t 1 inch away from the flattened pita that is your breast but it is one inch away and all you can think is, “What the fuck?”

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  1. Not sure how we owe as well, but we just paid through the nose (IMHO.) And OMG, I am sorry, but the pita bread analogy cracked me up! Do treat yourself to something afterwards. Not pita bread, obviously.

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