Why Must There Always Be a Problem?

I know I have posted this clip many times but it is funny and in my life very true!

OK, maybe I am overreacting. But isn’t it the way of today’s world? I went and bought a universal GPS mount for my car. Universal for every damn GPS on the planet except mine. Now I have to go all the way back downtown and return it.

This is nt Norbert. This is another cat being a fucking asshole.

This is not Norbert. This is another cat being a fucking asshole.

Norbert was into my spider plant again. The fucker. He ripped it out by the roots and ate some of it then threw up green spider plant three times.

Yesterday I posted that I was using my heating pad but it wasn’t working. I noticed today that the heat wasn’t getting very hot so I went and bought a new one. It was on 20% off so that was good. And proof that sometimes there is not always a problem.  Most of the time, yes. But not always.

9 thoughts on “Why Must There Always Be a Problem?

  1. Dear Birdie,

    I haven’t been commenting on your posts for a while because I couldn’t find how or where to…so this just goes to show you how technically inclined I am. LOL! I don’t have a car and I don’t drive, but I think I know what it is you are referring to, a few friends of mine have them.

    As far as Norbert goes, cats do that, which is why I have no plants or flowers…I have a male cat (he will be 2 in June) and if I had any, my Romeo would be doing the same thing your Norbert did.

  2. By the way, Birdie, I did open an account months ago with WordPress but it was way over my head so I decided to stick with Blogger. I don’t mind commenting on WordPress blogs, but to make a blog with it, I just find it too complicating. Sending you a hug. 🙂

  3. Sadly quite a lot of plants are poisonous to cats. So they destroy them, and then the little purring fuckers puke. Double treat for us.
    And I hear you on the universal mounts. HIss and spit.

  4. My kid is like your cat….except he only destroys them, doesn’t eat them and puke. I went from having a hundred plants down to zero. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple when you have certain “personalities” in the house. 🙂

  5. Oh, Norbert! He does remind me of Maurice so much although Maurice is not quite the bastard that he is. She still seems to want to take my hand off at the wrist if I displease her, though.
    And can I just say that technology which promised us so much freedom and wonderment now takes up about 99% of our time and about 80% of that time is spent in frustration?

  6. It seems as if Seinfeld is timeless, since the show was always about nothing. Oh Norbert, your momma is gonna clip your tail if you don’t leave her things alone.

  7. Aaah, those ‘universal’ mounts, connectors, clips … they seldom are truly universal, are they? Sorry you got one of the duff ones. As for Norbert, what IS it about spider plants? It’s just a variety of grass, so hopefully it’s non-toxic, but our cats used to go for it, too. Maybe you should plant him up some grass in a pot. He won’t eat it though. It’ll be the WRONG grass!

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