I Should Be…

I should be doing half a dozen different things but instead I am sitting on a heating pad with a wet cloth. “Moist heat” they call it. It does help but only while I am using it. They say you should only have heat on for about 10 minutes. They can fuck off.

Speaking of the word, fuck. I have a client that swears like a sailor. Whenever I go to her house I keep up with the expletives because it makes her roar with laughter. My foul language is not uncommon when I am with her. Today I was looking for her socks and was about to say, “I can’t find your fucking socks” but I caught myself and told her so. (Not every sentence has the word fuck.) When I told her I purposely did not say, “I can’t find your fucking socks” she laughed so hard I thought she was going to fall out of her bed. This is why I love my job.

I had my spider plant less than 24 hours. The Ungrateful Bastard ripped it from the roots and left it on the floor. He waited and waited until the plant was left alone and he went for it. Fucker. But good god, I do love that cat.

Restless. I don’t think I have ever felt physically restless but I have felt spiritually restless. In fact, I have spent my whole life spiritually restless. How about you?


There’s a kind of a restless feeling
And it pulls me from within
It sets my senses reeling
And my wheels begin to spin
In the quietude of winter
You can hear the wild geese cry
And I will always love that sound
Until the day I die
There’s a plain and a simple answer
To each and every quest
From every quiet dancer
Who might be a special guestIn a movie made for TV
Or a late night interview
You might even find them
On the ‘Young and the Restless’ too

Do you get that restless feeling
When you hear a whistle blast?
Like an echo from the past
Of an old engine flying down
A road that’s iron cast

The lake is blue, the sky is gray
The leaves have turned to gold
The wild goose will be on her way
The weather’s much too cold

When the muskie and the old trout too
Have all gone down to rest?
We will be returning to the
Things that we love best?

Do you get that restless yearning
When you think about your dad?
And the scrimshaw that he had
Of an old schooner roving
‘Neath a sky that’s ironclad

There’s a kind of a restless feeling
And it catches you, off guard
As we gaze off in the distance
Through the trees in my backyard

I can feel the restless yearning
Of those geese as off they roam
Then trade that for a warm bed
And a place I can call home

Will you get that restless yearning
When you hear the wicked blast?
Of a sceptre from the past
Of a cold diesel, rolling down a road that’s built to last

Still, I get that restless feeling
When I hear a whistle blast
See an image from the past
Of an old schooner flying down a sky that’s overcast


7 thoughts on “I Should Be…

  1. Love your clients. Jazz and Norbert ARE cousins. I bought an orchid for a friends birthday. Not only did Jazz attack it, he showed Jewel how much fun it was. I had to buy another.
    And yes, I am mentally, spiritually restless.

  2. I enjoy Lightfoot’s voice.

    I don’t feel spirit restless. Right now I just turned my tablet on, I’m in my clean jams, it’s the second night of Clean Sheet Night and I’ve got good music playing in my headphones.

    AND…. I was able to eat cheese today.

    Hope the spirit rest leaves you soon. Love your client. What hoot.

  3. I love your stories of your work and the special relationships you have with clients. How fortunate they are to have you.

  4. This was a beautiful post. I so love the wild geese as they fly over my property. I have a friend who became my friend because she could say “fuck” so easily. Well yes, Riot Kitty too, but this friend was the first female I ever heard say the word and she did it with such ease I was totally impressed.

  5. That is the one reason I used to put all my plants in a hanging basket out of reach. I’m so sorry that the heat and ice therapy isn’t working. I was so hoping it would.

  6. I fucking swear too. I don’t swear so much in my blog these days because of the people who read it. I get tired of explaining to my Italian language partners about the Rude Words and what they may or may not mean. How sad is that? I set up a blog, a little piece of space all of my own, and I can’t even fucking swear on it!

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