I just felt a whisker on my chin and it is all I can do to not run for a set of tweezers.

My husband is watching a hockey game with Toronto and some other team. Who? I don’t know. They (Toronto) are losing 5 – 0. No surprise there.

I have had a headache all day. I took Tylenol and Ibuprofen throughout the day but it didn’t help. I will take some more before bed even if it means my kidneys shutting down. It didn’t help that the neighbour had his chainsaw going for most of the day.

Why do my days off go so fast? I am longing for more than 2 days off in a row. I have time off next month and I am really looking forward to that. I love my job but sometimes it feels like it will be the death of me.


OK, that last part was written yesterday. I just got home from work and planted my baby spider plant. It will be a miracle if I don’t kill it but we can hope. It was sitting in the window for less than 5 minutes then The Ungrateful Bastard was biting it.

I got this e mail saying this today…

“Thank you for your recent application to Fraser Valley Distance Education School (FVDES)”

I paid my book deposit but now all of a sudden I am scared and thinking I made a mistake. And this is just the pre-requisite courses! After these course I will have to take another anatomy course. I took that years ago but I need a refresher. Oh, dear. What if this was a bad idea?

Norbert just stealthily moved towards the spider plant hoping I would not notice but I caught him. Sneaky bastard. He is going to kill it, I just know it.
OK, I made a commitment to myself to clean the linen closet today. Everything is stuffed in there and every time you pull something out the entire contents of the shelf come with it.
I just felt another whisker.

13 thoughts on “Whiskers

  1. What the fuck kind of cosmic joke is it that women grow WHISKERS in middle age? Gah…totally unfair.

    Honestly I don’t think I could live without ibuprofen, even if my kidneys were in failure. Major empathy from me for that whole situation. There’s headaches and backaches and period cramps, and you’re supposed to get through that with Tylenol? No way could I do it.

  2. What?! Only one whisker? Well I have those and some on my neck and a pretty good mustache going on too. Of course you’d never catch me sporting all that facial hair. I’m slowly having my sister do laser treatment on it and it’s going away. Good thing it’s becoming less lush on my legs as I get older or I’d just change my name to George and be done with it. LOL!
    I gave up on plants because the daughter’s cat eat them all and I only have one good spot with sun to put them in and unfortunately for the plants it the same place the cat likes to sit.

    • Gah! Please excuse all my typing errors. I didn’t proof read my reply and now I see several typing errors. I am literate, I can read.

  3. Ive recently discovered “threading.” I have my eyebrows threaded and my daughter just had her whole face done. That is next for me too. YES!! I have thought about you and your son often. I read about him moving out and I think, per our usual, we are going through some very similar dynamics. I relate a lot to your feelings about work and school too. I have often thought about going back to school but I am 50 now, and would be 60 by the time I finished. 60 is when you begin thinking about retirement! And I really like doing the hands on work with my clients and because I am self employed I am not bound by all of the rules of the employees of the agencies and our local Hospice. So there is that….. I guess.

  4. Oh, my! I hope your spider plant survives.
    I saw on television recently that shaving can make your face stay younger. It exfoliates your face.

  5. Give those courses a whirl, girl! And if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay — you gave it a shot and what the hell, eh?

  6. you’ve got nerves, now that you’ve committed. i totally get that.

    sorry ’bout the monster cat vs. the spider plant. 🙂

    i use the ‘f’ word probably more than i should but not in public print. 🙂

  7. I’m just catching up to all the blog reading while I was on the heating pad again.
    It doesn’t hurt to try it. I’ll bet you a billion dollars you do great on your studies. I have faith in you because you’re a smart cookie.

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