We All Likes Pudding

Yesterday I was in a home and the gentleman was watching The Price is Right. If you haven’t heard by now one of the models accidentally gave away a car. That got me to thinking about other mistakes made on the show and I ended up staying away last night until after 10:00 watching old episodes on YouTube. How stupid is that?  I was so tired today because of it.

Heart in Hand asked me some questions…

What kind of cleaner was it? I would have to stand up and walk 10 paces to the closet to find out and that is just not going to happen. It was Eco something-or-other and it smells like peppermint. It took me a good five minutes picking it out because I don’t use chemicals in my home with the exception of bleach when someone is sick.

What kind of car does he have? Ummm… I am not sure. One is a 67 Valiant, I think. The other is an 82 Oldsmobile something-or-other. The 82 has collector plates.

Any news from the boy? Not a word. I have sent him an e mail and several messages in Skype but he has a mad on and is ignoring me. So not like my son. What can I do? Children will break your heart over and over and over.

We are always short staffed at work but today they wanted me to do the work of other people in my own allotd hours. When I called in and said I needed 15 minutes added to my day they were baffled that I was not able to fit 75 minutes of work into fifteen minutes. No, I did not get thanked for fitting 75 minutes into 30. No, I did not get paid overtime but I did get paid for the STAT.

Sometimes creepy people walk by my house. We are on the edge of a large forested park and people use it to get from one part of the city to another. It is also a well known hangout for certain people to acquire certain sexual favours.

Has anyone watched the newest episode of Derek?  “Everybody here loves having pudding…”

5 thoughts on “We All Likes Pudding

  1. I LOVE DEREK! I didn’t realize there were new episodes. Now that I’ve planned MY day…
    I can’t believe you crammed all that extra work into an already full day. Don’t do THAT too many times, they’ll up production!

  2. Sorry to hear about your son troubles. I hope you keep sending out love. Much better to dwell in love than fear or anger but it’s definitely a challenge sometimes. I hope you have days filled with love, starting from the inside-out! I hope that for everyone really… myself included! That’s the pill the world needs! Hell, I’d take it in a shot!

    I love Derek. I loves pudding. I loves dogs with sausage tails, though mine has a furry lollipop on his sausage tail… 😉

    Glad I’m not the only one who can shotgun Price is Right! Love Drew. He cheers me up 🙂

    Be well

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