Blessed Quiet

Everyone is out and I am sitting here after a weird day at work enjoying my solitude. My husband is doing something with one of his antique cars and my daughter is babysitting. I just got home from the grocery store. When I got home someone had a chainsaw going and it was not quiet. But now it is. I just cleaned the bathroom and the new natural cleaner I used is hurting my hands. I have a latex allergy, latex anaphylaxis actually so I can’t wear rubber gloves. Anyway, I am not sure what my point is. The cleaner should not be hurting my hands. In my last post one of you asked about getting help with housework. I must say that is an area where my husband shines. He is my househusband now that he is retired and does all the cleaning.The only thing I do is the bedroom and the bathroom. He raised his daughters on his own and he is cleaner and tidier than I am. We have actually had little spats because I think he is too clean and needs to relax. He thinks I need to be more organized. It seems we have found a happy medium. He has lightened up a little and I try to be mindful of his need for organization.

So, Easter this weekend. We are going to my dad and his wife’s for dinner on Monday after I get off work. On Saturday we are going to my sister’s and BIL’s house because his dad just died. It is one of those sad deaths but it was somewhat welcome. He had early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Because I know the signs I picked up on it well before anyone else did but what do you say? He was always very eccentric, a musician, an artist, a sculptor.  When I saw him in 2012 he seemed “off” and I mentioned it to my sister but at the time they were not concerned. Anyway, it progressed very fast and he had to be put in a locked facility for his own safety. He died on Monday. I am feeling sad for his family because he was such a kind and gentle man.  For the life of me I cannot remember how old he was. Early 60’s…. It is hard losing someone with dementia because you lose them in bits and pieces but they are still here on earth so you don’t get the same support you would get if you had a spouse die. Anyway, he leaves behind his wife and 4 children. The youngest is 12, a daughter whom he and his wife adopted as a foster child well after their other children had left the nest.  See? Beautiful people.

I was going to post about my weird day at work but all I can say is it was weird. 99% of the time I care for people who are so kind and grateful but for some reason I had three new people this morning that were not nice. I won 2 of the three of them over but one of them was just mean! Oh, well.

6 thoughts on “Blessed Quiet

  1. It took me awhile to figure out where to leave a comment! Love the new blog look. A helpline caller that I was perfectly nice to called me a bitch the other day after I gave him resources. Some people are just assholes. Go figure.

  2. Quiet is necessary isn’t it? And so restorative.
    And yes, Riot Kitty is right. Some people are arsewipes from the moment they open their eyes (and mouths). Their problem.

  3. In my old house I had a Quiet Room. Looking to get another one of those in the new place. Super peaceful for yoga, reading and naps.

    Take care and Happy Weekend.

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