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I posted yesterday that my daughter found a dog walking home from school.  We had a bit of trouble finding the owner because they were from out of town but staying here with family. When the owner picked up the dog he thanked us and off he went. It seemed the thank-you was given as an after thought but I just put it down to anxiety over his dog missing. This afternoon my faith in humanity was restored because the owner came to the door (with his crazy dog) with a huge bouquet of flowers and chocolates. (I forgot to say yesterday that the dog found one of my hand weights and was trying to pick it but kept dropping up because it was too heavy. He got frustrated and just stood growling at it. It was hilarious!)

I am becoming increasingly angry at my doctor. When I get to see him he is amazing. He is kind and intelligent and takes his time. But that is the problem. His time. I have been trying for a month to see him and I still have to wait another 12 days. That is total bullshit. He ordered all this testing done and even though there are some serious issues I can’t do anything about it. My iron levels went down 15 points between February 27 and March 18. I am taking a supplement but it isn’t working. I wish I could explain the fatigue. I am so tired every day. Even folding a load of laundry exhausts me because holding my arms up takes too much energy. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days I usually change my bed but I don’t have the energy to do that either. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you may remember that I love getting into a clean bed and would change my bed everyday if I could. Right now it sits there not even made let alone changed.

I did my taxes today and I owe. Fuck. There is little difference from last year so I can’t figure out why I owe. I haven’t submitted them yet so I will try to see what the reason is and if I have made a mistake.

Downton Abbey season 4 came out on Netflix today. Yay!

7 thoughts on “Flowers and Other Stuff

  1. Hope you get to figure out why you owe and that it’s a mistake rather than a true owe. That would be good.

    Sorry to hear you are so tired. I get that right now and it’s terrible. Here’s to getting checked up by your doctor soon and feeling better.

  2. What a nice gesture from the dog owner. I also love crisp clean sheets. I change them twice a week. It’s a habit from my mom.
    It’s a shame that you have to wait so long to see your doctor. That would make me complain to their office if I had to wait so long.
    I hope it’s a mistake on the taxes. We got lucky this year and didn’t have to pay.

  3. Fatigue is one of the MS things I find hardest. Bone-sucking fatigue. I so hope you CAN get in to see your doctor and get some help. Soon.
    And if there were clean sheet fairies I would have clean sheets every day too.

  4. Will nobody help with the housework? Lack of iron is very debilitating. I hope they get you sorted out soon.
    And this is probably a daft question, but you are getting enough vitamin C aren’t you? You can’t absorb iron unless you have enough vitamin C. It’s best if you eat iron-rich foods at the same meal as one with vitamin C. Eat more oranges, and strawberries! (It’s a good excuse)

  5. Has your doctor ruled out endometriosis? I was anemic when I had it and exhausted all the time.

    Nice that the dog owner came back to properly thank you.

    There’s nothing like clean sheets. So nice.

  6. I’m so glad the dog owner came back! Dog people are typically good people. 🙂
    Yes, iron is useless without vitamin C, according to my pharmacist.
    Our health care system is in crisis. It’s because so many people go to a doctor for a cold, they are clogging up the system, I think. Who am I to say though, I only go in case of emergency.
    Are you taking B vitamins too?
    You OWE? How is this possible?! Can you claim your retired husband as a dependant? 🙂

  7. I love flowers…so glad you got to enjoy them from a grateful dog owner.

    I remember from your last post how you said you can’t take ibuprofen with your kidney problems, and how that leaves you without period pain relief. How horrid! I spend five days a month stuffing ibuprofen in my face and don’t know how I’d function without it. Damn, I hope you can get into that doctor soon. Just so you know, it takes me six months here in the States to see a gyn, and more than a year to get in with a rheumatologist. The waits are unbelieveable all over. What a terrible state of affairs healthcare is in. I remember back in the day (in the 90s) when you got sick, you went into see a doctor quickly, and that was that. No more.

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