Teapots and Other Issues

Last week a client gave me a tea pot. Despite my protests that we are not allowed to accept gifts under any circumstances she insisted. She went as far as to follow me out to my car and place it on the passenger seat. At this point there was little I could do except phone it in and report what happened. My nurse leader told me that I had to bring the pot by the office. Now I am wondering if the nursing staff are going to use it for their own tea because it was implied that it would not be returned to the client. The thing is, even though I do not believe I should ever accept gifts from the people I care for it can be a bit of a grey area. For many of the people we care for, we are the only ones that will see them for days of weeks even months at a time. In a few cases, years. We become like family. This particular woman lost her spouse in September and just signed a DNR because her days on this planet are numbered. She is frail and according to her doctor she will likely will not see the end of this year. All her family live on the other side of the country. She wants to give gifts to the the people who care for her because it makes her happy. I am not talking about jewelry of money or anything over $20.00. It is just the gesture, right? “Thank you for coming into my home and taking care of me so I can live out my last days at home and not in a facility. Thank you for giving me dignity and friendship.”  The fact is, we do get gifts offered to us and before this teapot the only thing I ever actually accepted from a client was a plastic butterfly magnet that came in a Christmas cracker. Anyway, the teapot is out of my car and who knows what will happen to it.

WordPress is still causing me issues but as soon as I went to the forum to ask how to fix the problem I had a WordPress employee trying to help. I never, ever had that with Blogger. So, that is good.


Who wants to decrease the surplus population? “I do! I do!”

Just now my doctor’s office called and cancelled my appointment for a third time! Are you fucking kidding me? Welcome to Canada. I am not in the least bit advocating for non Universal Health Care but this is what out current (cunt) premier is doing to us. Cutting back and cutting back until doctors cannot keep up. (It is happening to home support workers as well.) Universal Health Care works when it is funded properly but the (cunt) premier is creating this problem. No doubt she has no problem decreasing the surplus population. And for those of you that see the word “liberal” behind her do not be fooled. She is not liberal. She is a fucking right-wing conservative under the guise of the liberals. Dear, god. Please bring back the NDP. And if you are offended by the word cunt I apologize but there really is no better word to describe this lying bitch.

OK, before I totally blow a gasket I am going to go.

Addendum –  A girl guide just came to the door selling cookies. I hid. And for that I am going to hell.

13 thoughts on “Teapots and Other Issues

  1. I see someone else on earth is blowing a gasket tonight too. I think it’s perfectly fine to call a politician blocking health care a cunt. Here in the States I call ’em all dickheads and fucktards.

    Next time keep the teapot. We always had that rule too where I worked. Then we found all the gifts we got in the nurse manager’s office, and she would re-gift them to her family! I remember once this super nice saudi lady, whose mom was my patient and in critical condition, shoved some money in my pocket despite my severe protests…then she jumped in an elevator and disappeared. When I looked it was $100. I kept it. See you in hell. 😉

  2. First off, thanks for the warning on that weeder that my husband bought. I just let him know to watch out for that problem.
    Regardless of the rule I would have just kept the teapot. She meant for you to have it not the staff, which is where it will most likely end up with.
    As for the Bitch, yeah she’s definitely a right winger. I don’t think she’ll last in office.

  3. Our right wing politicians describe themselves as liberals. And they are. With other people’s money to fund their pet projects. Oxygen thieves.
    I think the teapot should be yours – or returned to her.
    You won’t be alone in hell. You might even discover a corner full of friends.

  4. I’ll be going to hell with you, Birdie. Some Girl Guides tried to sell me some cookies outside the Save-on Foods a couple of weeks ago and I turned them down right to their little innocent faces and told them the cookies were too fattening.

    • When Dad’s Hospice nurse went to a new job, I sent her a card with money in it. I guess she could keep it because, technically, she was no longer working as a Hospice nurse. People who care for people at the end of life are angels. I don’t know what I would have done without Hospice. The helped us so much.

      I’m addicted to the thin mint cookies that the Girl Scouts sell. They are worse than crack. If they are in the house, they call my name until I eat every single one. Evil be thy name.

  5. My mother was a nurse. There was a rule about accepting gifts from patients – probably not in the early days of her career (she began nursing in the 1940s) but certainly by the end. However, there was compassion and a little bit of leeway in the way the rule was interpreted by those in charge and that was as it should be. Like you, she often worked with terminally ill patients (she spent a couple of decades on a cancer unit) and it was understood that if a patient wanted to give you something small, you accepted it gracefully, never money, but small things. Chocolates and flowers were shared in the staff room. Small bits of china would be brought home and provided solace both to the giver and the receiver. I’d often see her pick up a small ornament and say ‘Mrs so-and-so gave me that .. oh, she was a lovely lady!’ And what’s wrong with that, when it takes a little bit of the stress of the job away on an ongoing basis? What has gone so wrong with our society that we can’t allow people of good standing and common sense a little bit of discretion in these matters? I’m sad for you.

    As for healthcare, we are in the same boat. Our NHS still works, just, but it is definitely coming apart at the seams. We now often have to wait two or three weeks for the local doctor – and joke that we’ll either be better or dead by the time we see them – and months for a specialist, even if we have supplementary health insurance and can pay to go privately. This is because the private hospitals are now taking up the slack for the National Health Hospitals and are also now struggling to get everyone seen. Time was when the private hospitals could take a bit of pressure off the NHS by shortening the waiting lists but no longer. Meanwhile, the NHS are paying through the nose for their services to be able to cope. Vicious circle? You bet.

  6. I think the ‘no gifts’ thing has to be treated sensibly. It’s a teapot for crying out loud – not the woman’s wedding ring! If she offers you a cup of tea, are you supposed to refuse? I’d probably have kept it and kept quiet. (But you’re a nicer person than me and your conscience plays you up…….) 🙂

  7. I have to agree with everyone here, you are a much better person that I would be. While I would have refused the teapot, once it was in my car I would have cherished it. I know it can get sticky and who needs to lose a job over a teapot, but I’d rather you have it than it going home with someone else.

    I haven’t been online for a long time. I’m just getting caught up this morning. I hope all is good with you.

  8. Something has to give, in this country, in regards to health care. So many are flocking to the States and I totally get it.

    A cunt is a cunt. Nothing you can do about it. See you in hell, I’ll be parked in stall #667, right next to the beast.

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