spI could write a few volumes about what I do for a living. Today alone would have consisted a chapter or two but of course I can’t say anything because of reasons of confidentiality and, of course, I would not want to break the space I am given in each home to provide the most intimate of care. So much sickness and so much vulnerability that is not mine to share. I can say today a particular client who is in a very bad place physically and emotionally gifted me with a cutting of a spider plant. It is a teeny tiny thing that I have put into my window. I owned a spider plant a few years ago and Norbert would stalk it. It was the funniest thing. I would see him back in the kitchen area with his tail twitching and he would bolt at the plant and do a cartwheel and grab at the hangings. It was so funny I let him do it but he ended up killing it in the end. I won’t let him kill this spider plant.

After work today I tried to have a nap but I ended up watching Downton Abbey instead. Cursed show! And Orange is the New Black. When will we see the new season? And is the name Laverne Cox supposed to mean anything?

The tree outside my window is showing its first little buds of green. I named this tree Brianna after my mom died and I sat and stared out the window for months. Do you remember when I was told to cut her down and refused? The tree guy (arbourist?) got really mad and stormed off. It was so weird. Anyway, Brianna is doing more than fine.

OK. I started this post two hours ago and forgot about it. In that time I watched the end of a hockey game with my husband, read blogs, ate dinner made by my husband while I read said blogs, had a bath. petted Norbert, checked my work schedule for tomorrow and opened the window in the bedroom wide so I can sleep.

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  1. My mom and I kept a spider plant going for decades though cuttings…it was so much fun! After my son was born I got rid of all my houseplants, cuz there just wasn’t enough energy in this body to take care of anything else. But I really enjoyed it while I had it, and I bet you will too. I’m so glad Brianna recovered…she just needed time to heal…like the human heart.

    Have a restful sleep!

  2. I am so glad that Brianna is doing well. So there, silly arboralist. You were wrong. Nyah, nyah, nyah.
    Lots of spider plants here, which I call stripeys. They are (fortunately) out of the cat’s reach.

  3. I love that you held your ground on that arborist. Not everyone knows his business. I love spider plants. Before I got married I had four of them in my apartment windows. They were so nice and huge. Not to dampen your day but the 6th season of Downton Abby will sadly be its last. I am so sad at the thought that next year it will be all over.

  4. Laverne Cox was at the Empire State Building the day after I was! In her honor, they lit it up purple. 🙂 she is like the most famous transgender person right now, aside from Bruce Jenner. Anyway.
    I love that you honor your clients’ privacy.

  5. Laverne Cox is a hero, not so much here in the UK, but she’s a great role model for all trans people.

    Damn, Heart In Hand, I thought I was the most famous transgender person around at the moment! Ha. 😀

  6. Ha – I didn’t know who Laverne Cox was, either. I may have heard of her but my head is like a sieve.

    The 28th March – and in fact the days surrounding it – is, and are, difficult for me. Mother’s Day is also difficult for me, but 28th was my mother’s birthday. She died in 2011 and I’m nowhere near over it. I didn’t get to say goodbye, and I carry a huge burden of guilt (which OH says is misplaced) for not doing more, seeing her more, being more tolerant etc. Sorry .. I’ve hijacked your post. But thanks for listening.

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