Ungrateful Bastard and Other Stuff

I bought this ftipior Norbert and he wants nothing to do with it. This picture shows a different inside. It is actually super soft and made of faux sheepskin. I put catnip inside and cat treats but he scorned it with a special ungratefulness that only he can manage. I will leave it out but I know that he won’t use it. Why? Because he is The Ungrateful Bastard.

PraxisVaginalsonde1I did all that testing for my hormones but it only led to more testing. Now I have to get genetic screening done for breast and ovarian cancer. I need to get a breast ultrasound and mammogram. And more fun, an ovarian ultrasound. Do you know what that entails? A probe. Fun. Fun. Fun. No. Not at all. And also more bloodwork. A lot more bloodwork and certain samples that will need a toilet. So it will take a long time to get on track. When I was in the doctor’s office I could not quit crying. I just wanted to get started on the bioidentical hormones. The nurse said a couple more weeks won’t make a difference. She obviously is not perimenopausal.

What else is new? We are making pork schnitzel tonight. And mashed potatoes.

I just received my daughters wool Scottish socks for her Highland dancing. $130.00 later. From now on she will be buying her own socks.

It is the first day of spring and it is pouring rain. It is a nice day to stay inside and watch Netflix.

I have a very small collection of bluebirds. The other day I found one that sits atop a birdhouse. I would take a picture if it wasn’t raining so hard. That is a grand total of 6 bluebirds. They are not a very popular collector’s item but whenever I see one I must have it. Bluebirds are supposed to represent happiness. The irony of this is not lost on me.

Norbert is being such a jerk He is sitting near his cat tipi but he won’t let our other cat inside. He doesn’t want it himself but won’t let anyone else use it either.

11 thoughts on “Ungrateful Bastard and Other Stuff

  1. Good god. This is why I hate modern medicine. You can’t just go in, get your horrormones tested and get started on drugs. No, you have to get probed, get your boobs smashed under the equivalent of a garage door, and turn over your bodily waste for examination. They just have to drain your bank account until you’re penniless (at least here in the States they do). Fuck.

    I’ve had many ovarian ultrasounds in the past. The worst part is they make you have a full bladder while they probe you…cue peeing all over yourself and the tech’s hand. It’s delightful! But I wouldn’t say it’s painful, so that’s good.

    Love bluebirds myself. More birds, more happiness!

  2. I bet Norbert uses that thing after you are all asleep. Also, in the past, I’ve had a lot of ovarian Ultrasounds and never once had to use a probe. Thank you GOD that today is the first day of Spring. I myself cannot wait for nicer weather. You sound a little better…that’s nice to know. I’ve been thinking about you a lot and praying for you too. Better and brighter days are coming Birdie!

  3. I think Norbert will eventually use the tepee, but because it is new and all he isn’t straight away. You will know that he or the other cat has used it when you see cat hair on it. LOL! 🙂 Take care of yourself, Birdie, sending you a hug. 🙂

  4. Norbert is a good example of why we should not spend one damn precious moment of our lives trying to please those who cannot be pleased. He, like my cat Maurice, wants what he wants and he doesn’t want anything else. He’s happy enough as he is.
    All right- one more thing- I have been wanting to say this forever but now I will- have you thought about changing your blog background from so very dark to lighter? I think that this might have the same sort of effect that painting a room a more cheerful color might. Our blogs are like homes to us. When we enter them, it can be a lightening of the soul, simply due to color.
    Well, just a thought. Fuck the black dog and all the blackness is possibly what I really want to say.
    And yeah, that nurse was clueless.

  5. Huh…my blog is also the blackest black, with a dead f’ing tree to boot. That can’t be good.

  6. Norbert is definitely related to my Jazz. An ungrateful bastard and a cat in the manger. Jazz won’t let Jewel on our bed, whether he wants to be there or not.
    Hiss and spit at the ignorant nurse. I hope she meets a clone of herself some day.

  7. Norbert’s just a cat.

    As for all the tests, I’m guessing a doctor doesn’t want to start you on hormones until he/she makes sure that you don’t have any other issues that hormones would make worse. Did your mom die of breast cancer? Or ovarian cancer? I can’t remember, sorry. I think the doc is just covering all the bases. As for the transvaginal ultrasound, they’re not that bad. I’ve had quite a few. The first time I was quite shocked when the US tech handed me the probe and asked me to insert it into my vagina. The probe is long and skinny with a cover on it that reminds me of a loose condom. Doesn’t hurt and I appreciate that the tech doesn’t look at my lady bits but lets me insert it because I know where my vagina is:)

    Sending hugs Birdie.

  8. I once spent 60 bucks on a fancy-shmancy plush cat bed for Her Royal Highness. She did not deign to put a single paw in it. And my partner at the time bought her one of those cat tipis too. Same result. She and The Ungrateful Bastard must have come from the same litter!

    I’ve had a couple of ovarian ultrasounds. As the old saying goes, you just have to “lie back, close your eyes and think of England” my dear. The technician will be as quick as she can!

  9. Ugh, reading this crap about tests totally gives me anxiety.
    I’m choosing the ostrich approach to my health. Don’t look at me and don’t tell me anything. I’m probably packing a 20 pound tumor around. Whatever. I won’t go on hormones, there is too much Cancer in my family (which is why I SHOULD be vigilant) but I’m riding it out instead. I have a low stress life though, without a lot of responsibility, not everyone is so lucky. I can’t imagine doing the job you do and feeling the way you feel.
    Hang in there kiddo!
    Have you tried acupuncture?
    The comments about the blog color made me think. I change my background ALL the time! What does that say about me?! Lol
    Cats are assholes. I bought Kamir a mouse on a string. He plays with it but when he does, the dog tries to steal it away and it becomes a gong show. He’s also taken to spraying the front step with urine to mark his stoop from the other neighborhood cats. If he does it in the house, I’m done with him.

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