A Saturday I Thought Was a Sunday

This morning I went to work thinking it was Sunday but to my dismay I found out it was actually Saturday. harumpfph

Our neighbour had his funeral his afternoon. About 425 people came back to the house but they are starting to leave. Thus begins a new chapter for his wife and family.

I got my period today. I had my period 5 days ago. Fuckity.

If the news anchor looses anymore weight she is going to disappear completely. One day the news will come on and it will only be a voice.

I forgot to mention that along with all my other testing I had an unexpected result. I can no longer take Ibuprofen. It is messing up my kidney function.  I have problems with my kidneys for some time now and if I continue to take Ibuprofen my kidneys could fail. Why isn’t this sort of stuff listed on the bottle? Anyway, my blood work picked this up. I am at the very, very beginnning of kidney failure. So, no more Ibuprofen ever again. Another fuckity. Good thing it is reversible.

My azalea has new itty bitty shoots on it.

My daughter placed 5th at a dance competition today. She was dancing with 4 Canadian champions so that is quite impressive.

How can it be almost 6:00? Every single night I say I am going to go to bed early and I never do because I end up getting my second wind at 8:30/9:00. But tonight I am going to go have a hot bath and at least be in my bed by 8:00.

6 thoughts on “A Saturday I Thought Was a Sunday

  1. No ibuprofen? God, I would die. Tylenol doesn’t do shit. I hope your kidneys get straightened out…scary stuff.

    So fun for your dancin’ daughter…I bet it was great to see her do so well!

    It’s going to be my dying goal to get to bed earlier, and damnit, I WILL achieve it. In fact it’s 8:47pm and thanks to you, I shall be turning off this computer and going to bed immediately. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. It is Sunday here. Sunday afternoon. You just thought you were in Oz.
    Hiss and spit on rather a lot of fronts.
    Congratulations to your daughter though – and yay for azalea shoots.

  3. This time change has messed me up. I awaken too early thus go to bed too early. Hopefully I will adjust soon. Did I take a pain pill this morning? I have asked myself that twice and may end up having taken three. ….Still have pain and now know why some people overdose.

  4. They don’t WARN you over there what painkillers can do to you? We have every possible risk listed on leaflets in every pack of pills over here. My problem is paracetamol (no idea what you call it there) because I risk liver failure (Cumulative of everything I take to keep me alive – I might kill my liver. Great, huh? )

  5. Ibuprofen and all NSAIDS are hard on the kidneys, especially long term.

    Hope you had a good sleep Birdie.

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