Thank You For Not Mentioning…

Thank you for not mentioning that I spelled pharmacist wrong in my last post, I looked at it today and noticed.

But anyway…

Tomorrow I have to go to work and then a funeral for our neighbour. I can’t believe how many people are have been coming and going since he died. It has been non-stop. The wife has not had a moment’s peace but perhaps she likes it that way. Personally, when I am grieving I just want to be left alone. But, I am an introvert and recharge from being alone. She is a classic extrovert and loves being around people. I worry that when the funeral is over she is going to crash. But perhaps that is the way of it. Pushing grief aside until it forces itself on you.

I am feeling incrementally better but not from anything I am doing but just the thought that I will (hopefully) be feeling better in a month or two. One of you wondered about a pharmacist and his testing woman and her hormone levels. I am not sure how he started doing it but this is pretty much what he does now full-time. He believes in a balance of Western and naturopathic medicine.  He is now very well known in my community as the go-to-guy for perimenopausal women.  I had heard about him some time ago but put off going because the testing is not covered through our medical services plan. A friend who works with him and worships the ground he walks on practically begged me to go. The pharmacist has been doing this so long that he already knows what is going on with most women even before the results come back. One thing that he guessed was going on with my is my Basal Body Temperature is too low. When your BBT is too low it causes a whole host of problems. I have only tested two mornings and both times my temp was very low.

Tonight I am extra tired. Even though it was a relatively easy day at work my mind can’t seem to form a thought so I am off to bed. Thank you all for your support, love and concern.

7 thoughts on “Thank You For Not Mentioning…

  1. Isn’t your basal body temp in your vagina? So, you’re saying you gotta cold cootchie? Hmmmm very interesting.
    Have you heard about the gut flora link to depression? That might be something they can check on too.
    Big hugs to you today.

  2. That’s interesting about the temperature. Sometimes when I’m stressed, I get very cold and begin to shiver. I’m so glad that help is on the way for you.
    PS I didn’t even notice the misspelling.

  3. I didn’t notice the misspell either…sometimes I go back to my own posts and am horrified by my spelling/grammar/sentence structure. Sometimes I fix them…other times I try to practice “perfect imperfection” and let it stand, just so I can let my perfectionism get all twisted in a knot and hopefully die (she’s a tenacious bitch though).

    Love to you birdie!

  4. just saying hi as I had said I would read your blog. There was a tiny error in the title so it took me a while to find it. Hope you are investigating ‘other’ modalities as we had discussed. ❤

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