Holding My Breath

I am going to hold my breath and see if I can actually write this post without getting knocked offline. Either my computer or my router is not working. Right now I do not know which one is the culprit. If I have not commented on your blog it is because I stay online for about one minute then lose connection. This is a brand-new laptop and a new router. It is pissing me off. Whatever.

Fucking daylight savings anyway. I worried until 2:00 because I was not sure my iPod would change the time on its own in the middle of the night and by then I was so anxious I dreamt I was an hour late for work all night long. By the time 6:30 (5:30!!) rolled around and I had to get up I was so tired I wanted to cry. My first client was way the fuck on the other side of the city which made me grumpy but she was nice (and can talk a hind leg off a mule) and so were the rest of the people I cared for today. It makes a huge difference when people are nice and not grumpy. Like me. Everyone was tired though because of the time change. I know it is only an hour but it just throws everything out of kilter.

There is a woman who has walked up and down our street about 75 times since I got home. My husband said she has been doing that since 1:00. She is walking slow and doesn’t seem to have a destination. Just up and down. It is now 7:00.

My Internet connection is off again and I will now spend 20 minutes trying to get back online and post this.

7 thoughts on “Holding My Breath

  1. Phone your internet provider they can remotely check to see where your connection problems are coming from. We’ve had to do that a few times and ended up with a new router because the old one was no good.
    I think I’d go outside and ask that woman if she was okay. Or phone the police or someone about her because that just sounds weird walking up and down like that so many times.
    The time changes doesn’t bother me because I don’t have anywhere to be in the mornings but when I did I know it wasn’t my favorite time of year to lose that hour of sleep. Love the fall when we gain an hour though.

  2. The time change messes with me too. Good luck with your internet service provider. Sendings hugs woman.

  3. Time change messes with everyone’s inner clock. I know mine is screwed because I just got out of bed. I was so tired that I just turned over and said fuck it. I’ll get out of bed when I feel like it.

  4. Just so you know, you’re not alone. Everyone in my world was also grumpy because of the time change today. Even though it was above freezing for the first time in months and the sun was shining beautifully, that lost dang hour just hurts. Lol. I well at least it’s after five and the sun isn’t even thinking about setting yet!

  5. We’ve got the ‘Spring forward’ hour to come on March 29. Ho hum….
    You spend all day looking after other people, Let someone else check on the wandering woman.
    I hate IT glitches. We’re having them at work. I just hate it. Hate. It. Good luck with yours.

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