2015-03-05 17.09.13Tonight I lit a bluebird candle. (Bluebirds are supposed to signify happiness and I have a small collection of them. They are actually hard to find!) I actually lit this candle for a friend. It had burned for a couple hours but I had to go out. I stood for a moment thinking about this friend and myself and our recent struggles. Then I blew it out. I watched the clear wax that would harden white.

But this.

When I got home the candle was burning. At first I was perplexed. Did I light it again and forget? No, there is only one match on the table.

The other day a beautiful woman told me that these types of unusual events are sent to us by loved ones passed on.

At any rate, I am mystified. I know I blew it out and it was extinguished. At the moment I keep shaking my head because it is so unbelievable. I have to take it as a sign that I have to keep going. And so does my friend. And anyone else who is reading this that is dismayed.

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  1. Wow that is incredible… so you found it still lit and the bird is still intact? Is the bird wax as well or have I misunderstood…. either way pretty amazing that you found it lit on your return… it is beautiful… and I love the message behind it…. you are loved!

  2. That IS absolutely incredible. Little stories and coincidences like this make it difficult to be an atheist (like when I dreamed of my grandma before I knew she died). The world is a mystery which I do not pretend to understand, and our connections to each other cannot always be explained by logic.

    Yes, we must go on. Perhaps the journey may not be to our full liking, but I believe there’s value in the journey itself, whether it be it a happy one or a sad one.

    Many hugs, birdie…sleep well!

  3. I have a friend who says, “There are no accidents!” I’m not sure I believe her, completely, but I do believe that we make meaning from random-ness. Your bluebird candle story is magic.

  4. My mom used to sing a little song about a bluebird on a windowsill. That’s what this made me think of.
    I think that when you send thoughts up into the universe, they reach the person. It’s the whole butterfly effect. Maybe we should rename it the Bluebird Effect?

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