Just in Case You Are Interested

I am making a rotisserie chicken for dinner. And roasted potatoes. I just bought this fancy toaster oven last week because our old toaster oven and the microwave broke. We won’t be replacing the microwave so I spent a bit more on this dandy toaster oven.

And I had a good day even though I had to spend $350.00 on a car wiring spark plug thiny.

Having a good day is so much appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Just in Case You Are Interested

  1. And the definition of “good day” certainly doesn’t require as much as it used to for me. I think probably the same for you.
    I love roasting a chicken. It’s the best.

  2. that chicken looks yummy. I’m not microwaving as much now that I’m cooking everything on my waffle iron. it’s kind of nice to get away from microwave for a while.

  3. I have always wanted a rotisserie. Maybe I’ll make a hint to David for an anniversary present.

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